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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Saint Patrick's Day and the Greening of Monuments

The Greening of Monuments

The push for the greening (green lighting) of national icons for St. Patrick's Day has been a great success. Assisted in part by efforts from efforts begun in 2009 through Tourism Ireland, the Irish government has encouraged nations across the globe to join in the "greening" for March 17.

This post is only on the greening movement. For more on the holiday and how it is celebrated in terms of religion, please see my post Saint Patrick's Day: Some Background to the Holiday  For how the holiday is celebrated with parades, river dying and the like around the world, please see my post  Saint Patrick's Day Parades and Celebrations Around the World.

Saint Patrick's Day is also interesting as one of the most effective "soft power" campaigns of any nation. The Irish government and Tourism Ireland began its "Greening" campaign exactly 10 years ago. The goal was to convince governments and organizations to honor Ireland by lighting monuments and landmarks green for Saint Patrick's Day. I personally know of no other soft power campaign that has proven so rapidly successful.

In 12 years, the worldwide "greening" of monuments as gone from a mere handful to hundreds. As of 2021, Tourism Ireland and (cross-listed with Belfast Vibeannounced that 690 monuments, landmarks or buildings in 66 countries are participating in the Global Greening initiative.

In 2022, in respect for the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Global Greening organizers demurred in coloring the monuments blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

What follows is a list of these monuments divided by region and country. The asterisks (*) represent the doing so only since 2019).

The list is in order of number of monuments in the greening with those countries with over 10, then by region for the remainder. After Ireland itself, the United States leads the world with 64 greenlit buildings and monuments. The remaining top five are as follows:  Poland second with 53 greenlit sites;  France third with 46 greenlit; Germany, fourth with 29; and tied for fifth place, the United Kingdom and Canada both with 27.  Additionally, separately listed here are the nations with 10 or more:   Italy, Australia, Spain, China, Belgium, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.
    United States (64)
    •    Junction Bridge pedestrian walkway, Little Rock
    •    Main Street bridge, Little Rock     
    •    City Hall, San Francisco
    •    San Francisco International Airport (international terminal) *

    San Francisco City Hall lit green 

    •    City Hall, Denver
    •    Reunion Tower, Denver
    •    Atlanta City Hall *
    •    Chicago Board of Trade Building, Chicago
    •    Civic Opera House, Chicago 
    •    Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago 
    •    John Hancock Center, Chicago
    •    Novak Construction, Chicago
    •    Odyssey Chicago River (cruise boat) *
    •    One Prudential Plaza, Chicago
    •    Soldier Field, Chicago
    •    United Center, Chicago
    •    Wrigley Building, Chicago
    •    Hillsborough River, Tampa *
    •    Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House, Baltimore *
    •    Boston City Hall
    •    Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge, Boston *
    •    Fenway Park, Boston *
    •    TD Garden, Boston *
    •    Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge, Worcester *
    •    Kansas City Power and Light Building
    •    Tower Park, Kansas City
    •    Union Station, Kansas City *
    Greenlit Empire State Building, New York
    New Mexico
    •    University of New Mexico, Albuquerque *
    •    Wells Fargo building, Albuquerque 
    New York
    •    Empire State Building, New York
    •    Ground Zero (7 World Trade Center), New York
    •    Aisling Irish Community Center, Yonkers
    •    ‘Welcome’ sign, Las Vegas
    •    High Roller at The LINQ, Las Vegas
    •    La Concha Visitors Center, Las Vegas
    •    Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas 
    •    The Neon Museum, Las Vegas *
    •    The Palazzo, Las Vegas 
    •    The Venetian, Las Vegas
    •    BNY Mellon Center, Philadelphia
    •    Cira Center, Philadelphia
    •    City Hall, Philadelphia
    •    Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia
    •    One & Two Liberty Center, Philadelphia
    •    Strawberry Mansion Bridge, Philadelphia
    South Carolina
    •    Ashley River Memorial Bridge, Charleston *
    •    AT&T Building (known as the ‘Batman Building’), Nashville 
    •    Bridgestone Arena, Nashville 
    •    Grand Ole Opry, Nashville 
    •    John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, Nashville
    •    Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge, Nashville *
    •    Metro Historic Courthouse, Nashville *
    •    Nissan Stadium, Nashville *
    •    The Parthenon, Nashville     
    •    Tennessee Supreme Court Building, Nashville 
    •    Butterfly Bridge, Austin *
    •    Harbor Bridge, Corpus Christi
    •    Omni Dallas Hotel, Dallas
    •    Reunion Tower, Dallas
    •    City Hall, Houston 
    •    Alamo Quarry Market, San Antonio
    •    Bank of America, San Antonio
    •    Tower of the Americas, San Antonio
    •    Pacific Science Center, Seattle

    Poland (53)
    •    Hotel President, Bielsko-Biala 
    •    University Bridge, Bydgoszcz
    •    Kosciuszki Street Bridge, Gdańsk
    •    Uczniowska Street Bridge, Gdańsk
    •    Baszta Dorotka (Dorothy Tower), Kalisz *
    •    Centre of Culture and Art, Kalisz *
    •    City Hall, Kalisz
    •    Spodek (arena), Katowice
    •    City Hall, Kielce *
    •    Galeria Echo (shopping centre), Kielce 
    •    Regional Cultural Centre, Kielce *
    •    Father Bernatek (Kladka Bernatka) footbridge, Kraków
    •    Lipska Street flyover, Kraków
    •    Tauron Arena, Kraków 
    •    Manufaktura, Łódź *
    •    OFF Piotrkowska (shopping mall), Łódź
    •    TME Office Centre, Łódź *
    •    Arena Lublin
    •    Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, Lublin
    •    Museum of Malbork
    •    Amphitheatre, Olsztyn *
    •    Astronomical Observatory Tower, Olsztyn *
    •    City Hall Tower, Olsztyn *
    •    National Centre of Polish Song, Opole *  
    •    Adam Mickiewicz University (main auditorium), Poznań *
    •    Archaeological Museum, Poznań
    •    Bishop Jordan Bridge, Poznań
    •    City Hall, Poznań
    •    Grand Theatre, Poznań
    •    Honorary Consulate of Ireland building, Poznań *
    •    MTP Spire, Poznań 
    •    Poznań Główny (railway station) *
    •    Raczyński Library, Poznań
    •    Brama Przemyska Bridge, Przemyśl 
    •    City Hall, Rzeszów
    •    City Hall, Toruń
    •    Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw
    •    Browar Bojańczyków Cultural Centre, Wloclawek
    •    Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły bridge, Wloclawek
    •    Centennial Hall, Wrocław
    •    Contemporary Museum, Wrocław *
    •    Grunwaldzki Bridge, Wrocław
    •    Krzesło Kantora (chair sculpture), Wrocław *
    •    Lower Silesian Governor's Office, Wrocław *
    •    National Museum, Wrocław 
    •    Opera House, Wrocław  
    •    Stadion Wrocław  
    •    Town Hall, Wrocław *

    Wroclaw Opera House in green
    •    University Bridge, Wrocław  
    •    University of Wrocław  
    •    Wrocław Główny (railway station) *
    •    Szyb Maciej, Zabrze

    •    City Hall, Zamość 

    France (46)
    •    Hôtel de Ville, Athis Mons 
    •    Mairie de Bayeux *
    •    Arkéa Arena, Bordeaux
    •    Château de la Ligne, Bordeaux *
    •    Porte de Bourgogne, Bordeaux
    •    Hôtel de Ville, Bressuire 
    •    Centre d’art La Malmaison, Cannes
    •    Hôtel de Ville, Cannes 
    •    La Croisette, Cannes 
    •    Musée de la Castre, Cannes 
    •    Le Suquet, Cannes
    •    Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Cannes 
    •    Pont Guilvinec-Treffiagat *
    •    Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, Guingamp *
    •    Château de Pierre II, Guingamp *
    •    Badhus Kaysersberg *
    •    Château de Kaysersberg *
    •    Mairie de Kaysersberg *
    •    Pont Fortifié, Kayserberg *
    •    Château de Beaulieu, Saumur, Loire Valley *
    •    Astroballe, Lyon
    •    Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, Lyon
    •    Le Palais de Justice, Lyon
    •    Musée des Confluences, Lyon
    •    Le Palais de Justice, Lyon
    •    Opéra de Marseille *
    •    École primaire publique Pierre Jakez Hélias, Mellac *
    •    Église Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens, Mellac
    •    Hôtel de Ville, Mellac
    •    Aéroport Montpellier Méditerrannée 
    •    Fitzpatrick’s Irish Pub, Montpellier *
    •    Opéra Comédie, Montpellier 
    •    Beaugrenelle (shopping centre), Paris
    •    Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris
    •    Château de la Muette (headquarters of the OECD), Paris 
    Sacré-Coeur greenlit in Paris
    •    Drugstore Publicis, Paris
    •    Galeries Lafayette, Paris 
    •    Irish Embassy, Paris
    •    Pari Roller (street skating event), Paris *
    •    Roue de Paris (Ferris Wheel of Paris), Paris
    •    Sacré-Coeur, Paris
    •    Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland Paris 
    •    La Vallée Village, near Paris 
    •    Hôtel de Ville, Saint-Mandé 
    •    Beatus Rhenanus bridge, Strasbourg (and on the German side of the bridge, in Kehl) *
    •    La Mairie, Villeurbanne

    Germany (29)

    •    Funkturm Berlin
    •    Reichsburg Cochem 
    •    Excelsior Hotel Ernst, Cologne *
    •    Lanxess Arena, Cologne *
    •    Lighthouse, Düsseldorf
    •    Kulturforum Logenhaus, Erlangen *
    •    Altes Rathaus, Gescher
    •    McKiernan's Irish Café, Gescher 
    •    St Antonius Kapelle, Gescher *
    •    Rathaus, Grafenwöhr *
    •    Stadthalle, Grafing *
    •    ‘Fridolin’ the carp statue, Höchstadt an der Aisch
    •    Ingolstadt Village, Ingolstadt *
    •    Irish pub, Limberg *
    •    Alten Küsterhaus, Meerbusch-Bäderich *
    •    Allianz Arena Munich 
    •    Hard Rock Cafe, Munich *
    •    Odeonplatz, Munich 
    •    Olympic Tower, Munich
    •    Offene Kirche St. Klara, Nürnberg 
    •    Heidecksburg Castle, Rudolstadt 
    •    Hotel Bell Rock (Europa Park), Rust
    •    Königsbau, Stuttgart 
    •    Maria-Ward-Schule, Würzburg *
    •    Matthias-Grünewald-Gymnasium, Würzburg *
    •    Neumünster church, Würzburg 
    •    Rathaus, Würzburg
    •    Riemenschneider-Gymnasium, Würzburg *
    •    Wertheim Village, near Würzburg *

    Canada (27)
    •    Calgary Tower, Calgary
    British Columbia
    •    The Cariboo Sentinel (newspaper) shop, Baskerville *
    •    Sails of Light at Canada Place, Vancouver
    •    Whistler Ski Resort, Whistler
    Newfoundland and Labrador
      •    Cabot Tower on Signal Hill, St John’s 
    Nova Scotia
    •    The Big Fiddle of the Ceilidh (Fidheal Mhor A’ Ceilidh), Cape Breton Island
    •    PolarBear Habitat, Cochrane
    •    World's Largest Chair, Muskoka, Gravenhurst *
    •    Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa
    •    Niagara Falls (on both the Canadian and US sides)
    •    The Big Nickel, Sudbury
    •    Breakfast Television Studio, Toronto
    •    Casa Loma, Toronto
    •    City Hall, Toronto
    •    CN Tower, Toronto
    •    Courtyard by Marriott, Toronto
    •    The Distillery District, Toronto
    •    Turbo the Goat, Toronto
    •    The Wawa Goose, Wawa 
    •    City Hall (Hôtel de Ville), Montréal
    •    Complexe Desjardins, Montréal
    •    McGill Tower (La Tour McGill), Montréal
    •    McTavish Resevoir (Réservoir McTavish), Montréal
    •    Olympic Stadium (Stade Olympique), Montréal
    •    St. Patrick's Basilica (Basilique Saint-Patrick), Montréal
    •    Verdun Borough Hall (Mairie d'arrondissement de Verdun), Montréal  
    •    Mac the Moose, Moosejaw, Saskatchewan *

    United Kingdom (27)

    •    Selfridges, Birmingham
    •    Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh *
    •    Bournemouth Pier *
    •    British Airways i360, Brighton *
    •    Leeds Civic Hall *
    •    Leeds Town Hall * 
    •    National Space Centre, Leicester *  
    •    George's Dock Building, Liverpool *
    •    St Luke's 'Bombed Out' Church, Liverpool *  
    •    Blue Whale Skeleton of Natural History Museum, London*  
    •    Cutty Sark, London*   
    The London Eye greenlit
    •    London Eye, London
    •    Lord’s Pavilion, London *   
    •    Tower 42, London 
    •    Nelson’s Column, London   
    •    Trafalgar Square fountains, London    
    •    Selfridges, London   
    •    Trafford Center, Manchester
    •    Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne   
    •    City Hall, Norwich *   
    •    Emirates Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth 
    •    Stoke Park Golf Club - Buckinghamshire, Stoke Poges
    •    City Walls, York *
      •    Eden Project, St. Blaizey *  
      •    St Michael's Mount, Marazion *
        •    Riverside Museum, Glasgow *  
        •    Titanic Museum, Glasgow   

        Italy (19)

        •    Teatro Alfonso Rendano, Cosenza
        •    Cascata Isola del Liri *
        •    Cisternino di città, Livorno *
        •    Gazebo di Terrazza Mascagni, Livorno *
        •    Piazza Mercurio, Massa
        •    Il Palazzo ex Convento dell’Annunziata, Matera *
        •    Fidenza Village, near Milan 
        •    Il Palazzo del Modesta, Modesta *
        •    Castel dell'Ovo, Naples *
        •    Castel Nuovo, Naples *
        •    Fortezza Albornoz, Orvieto *
        •    Il Pozzo di San Patrizio (St Patrick’s Well), Orvieto
        •    Palazzo Municipale Orvieto *
        •    Leaning Tower of Pisa
        •    Castello Aragonese, Reggio Calabria
        •    Room of the Riace Bronzes in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Reggio Calabria *
        •    Colosseum, Rome
        •    Irish Embassy (Villa Spada), Rome
        •    Mole Antonelliana, Torino
        Colosseum greenlit in Rome

        Australia (19)

        •    The Big Kangaroo (‘Rooey II’), Border Village 
        •    Irish Embassy, Canberra
        •    The National Carillon, Canberra  

        National Carillon, Canberra, in green
        •    Telstra Tower, Canberra *
        •    The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour
        •    The Big Merino Sheep, Goldburn
        •    Star Observation Wheel, Melbourne*
        •    Victoria State Library, Melbourne
        •    Bell Tower, Perth
        •    Council House, Perth
        •    Crown Perth *
        •    Elizabeth Quay, Perth
        •    Matagarup Bridge, Perth *
        •    Optus Stadium, Perth
        •    Perth Airport
        •    Yagan Square, Perth
        •    Sydney Opera House
        •    Town Hall, Sydney
        •    State Library of New South Wales, Sydney

        Spain (14, with 4 new)

        Madrid's Cibeles Fountain shining green
        •    La Roca Village, near Barcelona 
        •    San Mamés stadium, Bilbao 
        •    Tower of Hércules, A Coruña, Galicia 
        •    Cibeles Fountain, Madrid 
        •    Puerta de Alcalá, Madrid 
        •    La Rozas Village, near Madrid 
        •    Marbella arches
        •    Fuente de los Tres Barcos, Marbella *
        •    Puente Santo Cristo del Amor, Marbella *
        •    Town Hall, Marbella *
        •    Capilla de San Patricio, Pancar
        •    Ayuntamiento, Santander *
        •    Ayuntamiento, Tortosa 
        •    Puente del Tortosa, Tortosa

        China (11 with over half, 6, new)
        Great Wall of China greenlit

        •    Great Wall of China
        •    Canton Tower, Guangzhou
        •    The Clock Tower, Hong Kong *
        •    ‘Niki’ Cathay Pacific DC-3 airplane, Hong Kong *
        •    Ruins of St Paul’s, Macau
        •    218 Building, Qujing, Yunnan 
        •    Grand Kempinski Hotel, Shanghai 
        •    Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai *
        •    Shanghai Village *
        •    Suzhou Culture and Arts Center *
        •    Suzhou Village *
        Belgium (10 with 2 new)

        •    Grand Place, Brussels
        •    Anspach (shopping gallery), Brussels *
        •    Royal Galleries of St Hubert, Brussels 
        •    Manneken Pis statue, Brussels (“dressed” in Irish costume)
        •    Burg, Bruges
        •    Celtic Cross, Fontenoy 
        •    Maasmechelen Village, Genk
        •    Irish College, Leuven *
        •    Belfry, Mons
        •    Lille Gate, Ypres

        Mexico (10)

        •    Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, Cholula
        •    Los Arcos (Minerva Monument), Guadalajara 
        •    Municipal Palace, Guadalajara 
        •    Paseo de Chapultepec, Guadalajara 
        •    Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres, Guadalajara 
        •    Alvaro Obregón Monument, Mexico City
        •    El Angel de la Indepencía, Mexico City

        El Angel de la Indepencía
        •    Monument of the Niños Héroes, Mexico City
        •    Municipal Palace, Mexico City
        •    Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City

        United Arab Emirates (10 with 3 new)

        •    InterContinental Abu Dhabi *
        •    Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi *
        •    Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi
        •    Burj Al Arab, Dubai
        •    Burj Khalifa, Dubai *
        •    Cayan Tower, Dubai 
        •    Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Dubai 
        •    Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium, Dubai
        •    Global Village, Dubai
        •    Emirates Golf Club, Dubai 

        Burj Khalifa, Duba -- The world's tallest building goes green

        Other Europe (90 with 28 new)

        •    Clock Tower of Tirana *
        •    Burgtheater, Vienna
        •    Bridges on the Danube Canal, Vienna
        •    Wiener Riesenrad, Vienna
        •    Bergiselschanze (ski jump), Innsbruck
        •    SkiWelt Söll

        Burgtheater, Vienna in green

        •    National Palace of Culture (NDK), Sofia
        •    St Cyril and St Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo *
        •    Sponza Palace, Dubrovnik *
        •    Molo Longo, Rijeka *
        •    Trsat Castle, Rijeka
        •    Fountains in Republic Square, Split *
        •    Church of St Donatus, Zadar *
        •    Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, Zagreb *
        •    Meštrović Pavilion, Zagreb *
        •    Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
        •    Zagreb fountains, Zagreb
        •    Town Hall, Nicosia 
        Czech Republic
        •    Mahen Theater, Brno  
        •    City Hall, Ostrava
        •    Dancing House, Prague
        •    Petrin Lookout Tower Prague
        Copenhagen's Little Mermaid
        goes green for St. Patrick's Day
        •    Bryggebroen bridge, Copenhagen 
        •    Den Blå Planet (national aquarium), Copenhagen
        •    GreenKayak clean-up, Copenhagen *
        •    Industriens Hus (home of the Confederation of Danish Industry), Copenhagen *
        •    Little Mermaid Harbor Statue, Copenhagen
        •    Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen
        •    Vabaduse Väljak (Freedom Square), Tallinn 
        •    TV Tower, Tallinn *
        •    Radio Towers, Lahti *
        •    Polar Bear Pitching, Oulu *
        •    Näsinneula (observation tower), Tampere
        •    Sauna Kuuma, Tampere *
        •    TV Tower, Tbilisi
        •    Stathatos Mansion of the Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens *
        •    Chain Bridge, Budapest 
        •    Müpa Budapest
        •    Jedlik Ányos Bridge, Györ *
        •    Felszabadulási emlékmű (Liberty monument), Szombathely *
        •    Perlan, Reykjavík 
        •    Hôtel de Ville, Luxembourg City
        •    Forti Sant’Anġlu, Birgu
        •    Porte des Bombes, Floriana
        •    Love Monument, St. Julian's
        •    Prince’s Palace of Monaco
        The Netherlands
        •    Museumplein I "heart" Amsterdam Sign, Amsterdam
        •    Splendor Amsterdam
        •    St Patrick’s Bike Parade, Amsterdam *
        •    Uilenburgersjoel, Amsterdam
        •    De Grote Kerk (and Statue of Admiral Jacob van Wassenaer Obdam), The Hague *
        •    SkyView Scheveningen Pier, The Hague
        •    Windmill, Weert
        •    Mt. Ulriken TV Mast, Bergen
        •    Cristo Rei statue, Lisbon
        •    Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães, Cascais
        •    Castelo de Torres Vedras *
        •    Central Telegraph building, Moscow
        •    Izvestia Hall, Moscow
        •    Rossiya Theatre, Moscow *
        •    Ada Bridge (Most na Adi), Belgrade 
        •    Palace Albanija, Belgrade 
        •    Hotel Moskva, Belgrade
        •    Canadian Embassy, Belgrade
        •    Glavna Pošta (main post office), Belgrade
        •    House of the National Assembly of Serbia Narodna Skupstina, Belgrade 
        •    Narodni Muzej (National Museum), Belgrade *
        Slovak Republic
        •    Divadlo Aréna, Bratislava *
        •    New building of the Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava
        •    Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, Bratislava
        •    Andrej Bagar Theatre, Nitra *
        •    Chrenovský most (bridge), Nitra *
        •    City Hall, Trnava *
        •    Trnava University (pedagogy faculty), Trnava *
        •    Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana
        •    Absolut Home, Åhus *
        •    Vasa warship, Stockholm 
        •    The Rhine Falls, near Zurich                     
        •    Smilestones (indoor miniature world at The Rhine Falls), near Zurich *

        Other Asia/Pacific (19 with 3 new)

        •    Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA, Fukuroi, Shizuoka Prefecture *
        •    Ise Ohtorii, Ise City  
        •    Karakora Art Studio, Matsue
        •    Matsue Castle, Matsue
        •    Yokohama Marine Tower, Naka Ward, Yokohama 

        Matsue Castle greenlit
        •    Straits Quay lighthouse, Penang
        New Zealand
        •    Sky Tower, Auckland 
        •    Chief Post Office, Auckland
        •    Eden Park, Auckland 
        •    War Memorial, Auckland 
        •    Christchurch Airport, Christchurch
        •    New Brighton Pier, Christchurch
        •    Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington
        •    Chijmes, Singapore *
        South Korea
        •    Busan Cinema Center, Busan 
        •    Busan Tower, Busan *
        •    City Hall, Seoul
        •    Pen Monument, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi 
        •    Meliá Hanoi hotel, Hanoi 

        Other Middle East (7 with 1 new)

        •    The Pyramids, Giza
        •    The Sphinx, Giza
        •    Sammy Ofer Stadium, Haifa
        •    Water Tower, Ramat Gan
        •    City Hall, Tel Aviv
        •    Nejmeh Square, Beirut
        •    Atakule Tower, Ankara *

        Other Latin America (13 with 3 new)

        •    Kirchner Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires *
        •    Lavalle Street, Buenos Aires
        •    Obelisk of Buenos Aires
        •    Christ the Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro
        •    Cathedral of Brasília, Brasília
        •    Teatro Amazonas, Manaus  

        Christ the Redeemer Statue greenlit overlooking Rio

        •    Statue of the Virgin Mary, Serro San Cristobal
        •    Santuario de Monserrate, Bogotá *
        •    Torre Colpatria, Bogotá 
        •    Cerro de las Tres Cruces, Cali *
        •    López Presidential Palace (Palacio de los López), Asunción 
        •    Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Asunción
        •    Gate of the Citadel, Montevideo 

        Africa (8 with 5 new)
        Ahmed the Elephant, Nairobi
        •    Lion of Judah Statue, Addis Ababa
        •    Bete Giyorgis (Church of Saint George), Lalibela *
        •    Ahmed the Elephant Statue of the National Museum, Nairobi
        •    Leopard statue called ‘Chiu’ (made from re-cycled scrap metal), Nairobi * 
        Sierra Leone
        •    The Cotton Tree, Freetown *
        South Africa
        •    Nelson Mandela Statue, Johannesburg
        •    Source of the Nile Bridge, Jinja *
        •    Victoria Falls * 

        Closing Comments

        As always, I am delighted to hear your thoughts on this. If you have any points I should add, please let me know for the future... or if you just want to say that you liked this (or not), I would love to hear from you. 

        Also, if you would like to share a tradition in your family or just give mention to a St. Patrick's Day parade or festivity in your hometown, please feel free to add it in the comments section.

        Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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