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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Year of the Rooster 2017: Business Impact

Saturday January 28, 2017 begins the Year of the Rooster  This  post is one of a series of four posts discussing the Asian Lunar New Year in general and the Year of the Rooster in particular. In this post, though, we cover the effects from travel to special editions of coins, stamps and gifts for the Year of the Rooster.

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Business Impact

World's Busiest Travel Day -- The Asian New Year

The Asian New Year is arguably the most widely celebrated holidays on the planet, whatever the year. Because the celebration generally means that families gather together, the holiday is annually the single busiest travel day. The great movement of people is known in Chinese as Chunyun or the "Spring Movement."
3.62 billion trips are expected for
the 2017 Chunyun in the PRC alone

An estimated 414 million Chinese will travel from January 13 to February 21. To put this in perspective, the entire population of the United States is only 319 million. (Source: Bloomberg). The Thanksgiving travel rush -- the largest in the United States -- is tiny by comparison with 49 million travelers in November 2016.

Wuhan train station during 
Chunyun travel rush
In the PRC alone (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), the Chinese Ministry of Transport estimates that , there will 2.98 billion trips during the 2017 Chinese New Year season.   Of these, 2.52 billion (84.63%) will be by road by car or bus, 356 million (11.96%) by train, 58.3 million (1.96%) by plane and 41.7 million (1.4%) by boat (source: South China Morning Post). 

Liang Xiao'an of the PRC Ministry of Transport estimates that there will be 80 million road trips per day during the Lunar New Year. To put this in perspective, the entire population of Germany is less than 82 million, (Source: Xinhua).

Ticket turnstiles in Shanghai, 2017 Chunyun
Air travel in particular will be stretched to new limits this year, The 58.3 million flights Civil Aviation Administration of China represents a 10% increase over 2017's Chunyun travel season.  This represents approximately 20% of all Chinese air travel over the holiday. (Source: Bloomberg).

Because of the increased standard of living as the Chinese economy grows, many Chinese will be traveling to meet families in alternative destinations.  Over 6 million Chinese will travel outside of China during the 2017 chunyun season. To put this in perspective, the entire nation of Finland has only 5.5 million. Bloomberg estimates that the top destinations will be to Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea and the United States. (Source: Bloomberg, January, 23, 2017)   

Note that these figures are for the mainland PRC alone. The Lunar New Year represents the biggest travel period in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as well as for South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia and Singapore. It is also a major travel time for Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Mongolian communities in such countries as Malaysia, Canada, Australia and the United States. 

Precious Metal Coins 

for the Year of the Rooster

Also affected by the Year of the Rooster is the demand for precious metals. Since the Lunar New Year is a time of gift-giving, many governments issue precious metal collectors' coins.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore, for instance, annually issues a series of Lunar New Year coins. This year begins their fourth lunar year animal cycle, having completed three other 12-year cycles in 2016. For 2017, Singapore has released 10 versions (up from 8 versions in the previous 12-year cycle), The coins available for the Year of the Rooster range from a SIN $2.00 nickel-plated zinc coin to a SIN $200 5 troy ounce, 999.9 fine gold coin.  All 10 versions bear the same image of a crowing rooster with a background depicting Kampong Bangkok (Singapore's last remaining village). The obverse will have the customary Singapore Coat of arms.

Singapore 2017 Year of the Rooster boxed coin sets

The Royal Australian Mint has issued six coins. Five of these are round, silver coins and show a barnyard rooster design by Stevan Stojanovic and Vladimir Gottwald. The circular coins range from 25 mm at 9 gram to 99.95 mm at 1 kilogram. The sixth coin is a 14-sided, copper-nickel AU 50 cent coin featuring a separate design (also by Stojanovic) of a rooster standing beside a bamboo grove. All of the coins feature Queen Elizabeth on their fronts.
Royal Australia Mint 2017 Year of the Rooster coins

Not to be confused with the Royal Australian Mint, the Perth Mint of Australia for the Year of the Rooster has issued a series of 99.9% pure gold coins, and a 99.9% pure silver coins. There are seven silver coins ranging from an AUD 50-cent  ½ ounce 110 kilo silver coin going for AUD $300.00. The silver coins Queen Elizabeth on one side and a rooster, hen and chicks on the other side. are eight gold coins ranging from an AUD $5.00 1/20 ounce coin to a 1 kilo gold coin costing UUD $3000.00 (roughly US $2462). The gold coins feature a rooster strutting among bamboo. A colored version of the gold coin as is a version of the silver coin with a citrine for the rooster's eye.  This year for the first time, the Perth Mint of Australia has also released a separate silver coin with a rooster made out of Australian opal at its center.

For the first time ever, the Republic of Macedonia has entered the Lunar New Year coin arena. The country's two coin offerings are both colorized 28.28 gram silver pieces. One depicts a rooster crowing from a weather van against a golden sky. The other shows a a rooster pulling an angel in a carriage full of flowers.   
Macedonia's first-ever Lunar New Year coin

Another newcomer to the Lunar New Year coin offerings for 2017 is the African nation of Cameroon. The silver colorized coin features the words "cockerel on a stick" and shows a toy rooster on a stick beside an open treasure chest of gold along with a lucky ladybug and four-leaf clovers.

Cameroon's first-ever Lunar New Year coin
The government of Fiji again has issued a Year of the Rooster commemorative coin enhanced by a pearl (the color of the pearl changes annually). This year's offering is a silver coin with two 24-karat gold roosters strutting at sunrise on either side of a central rose-colored pearl

Fiji's Year of the Rooster 2017 coin
featuring a rose-colored pearl

The Canadian government has issued eight new Year of the Rooster coins in its Lunar New Year series. These include a set of five fairly affordable coins, including for the first time coins starting at CAN $10.00. The price range from there to a CAN $2500 coin. The new $10 coin shows an elaborate rooster design on a round coin. A separate round coin features a rooster looking over its should at a sunrise with its tail poised over the Chinese character for "rooster." These coins, designed by Aries Cheung come in a CAN $15 silver and CAN $150 gold gold. 

Additionally, Canada has once again its unique scalloped-shaped coins. This time featuring a rooster with a red enamel box with the character for "rooster."  Canada has also released a CAN $250 silver and a CAN $2500 gold coin for the high-end market.


Canada's 2017 Year of the Rooster coins

The Royal Mint of the United Kingdom continued its Lunar New Year mintage with its fourth Lunar Zodiac offering (the UK began only minting such coins three years ago). As with previous years, the coins were designed by UK artist Wuon-Gean Ho. The coins come in a range of three silver and three gold weights and feature a Marsh Daisy Rooster, a breed which originated in Lancashire. The crowing rooster is standing in a group of ten Marsh Daisies (Armeria maritima), from which the rooster breed takes its name. The alternative name for Marsh Daisies is "sea thrift" -- a fact that plays off of the Year of the Rooster attribute of thriftiness.  

UK Royal Mint's 2017 Year of the Rooster coin
Year of the Rooster coin

Belarus issued a Lunar Zodiac coin again this year (its third since beginning with 2015's Year of the Horse)  The Year of the Rooster coin comes in one denomination only: 92.5% pure silver. The coin features a key-wound clockwork with the Belarussian words for Year of the Rooster in Cyrillic script.
On the obverse side as in years past, the coin depicts the working of a clock, enhanced with cubic zirconium stone with Cyrllic and Chinese writing.

One of the more unique coins issued is from the Laos mint. The 99.99% silver coin has a jadeite ring at its center inside of which is a golden rooster. Along the outside of the jadeite, six roosters move about in various natural settings.

Laos Year of the Rooster jadeite and silver coin

The tiny pacific nation of Niue has long issued collectors coins. This year, the Niue has put out along with its coins a silver pendant with an amber-colored Swarovski crystalThe more traditional round coins have a golden rooster on a silver coin and a silver rooster with seven golden feathers.  Element crystal  On the obverse side is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth. 

Nieu's Year of the Rooster offerings

In addition to those mentioned above, special Year of the Rooster silver and/or gold coins have been issued (as in years past) by the People's Bank of China, Bhutan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, the New Zealand Mint, the French Monnaie de Paris, the National Bank of Ukraine, the Macau Mint, and the Mints of the Pacific nations of Palau, of Tuvalu and of the Cook Islands as well as the New Zealand protectorate of Tokelau.  

Year of the Rooster Postage Stamps
Issuing Lunar New Year commemorative postage stamps has become an annual tradition in many countries, and an entire philatelic tradition of collecting these special issues has a wide following both in and outside of Asia.

USPS Year of the Rooster stamp
The United States is a relative newcomer to the Lunar New Year stamps, with the Year of the Rooster stamp for 2017 the tenth it has issued. This year's Year of the Rooster United States Postal Service stamp is a "Forever" stamp (to accommodate postal rate increases). It features a rooster on a Chinese gift envelope. The Year of the Rooster is acknowledged through a paper-cut rooster by Chinese American folk artist Clarence Lee  and the character for rooster done in grass-style by calligrapher Lau Bun.  Both Lee and Bun's works have decorated all seven of the nine Lunar New Year USPS stamps).

Canada Post International
Year of the Rooster stamp
Canada Post traditionally issues a pair of stamps for each lunar new year, one for domestic and one for international use. Both stamps this year are line design of gold foil on red backgrounds. The domestic version shows an entire rooster, while the international stamp depicts only the rooster's head. Both have the word "Rooster" written in French, English and Chinese.

The People's Republic of China's Year of the Rooster China Post stamp for 2017 were designed by the popular Chinese painter and sculptor Han Meilin. This is the third time that the 80-year-old artist has designed the Chinese Lunar New Year stamps. The two stamps offered for 2017 depict a running rooster on one and a hen with chicks on the other.
China Post's 2017 Year of the Rooster stamps

Macao's Year of the Rooster stamp for 2017 features the local Barcellos Rooster, and so carries a special significance for the Special Administrative Region. The fire rooster of the stamp is set on a background (and design sheet) incorporating all of the five traditional Chinese elements.
Macao Post's 2017 Year of the Rooster stamp
features the native Barcellos rooster
The Macao Post has one stamp with a rooster in each of the five elements: fire, earth, air, water and metal.
Macao Post's roosters in  the five elements

All three Singapore's 2015 Year of the Goat stamps were designed by Leo Teck Chong. Each features what he describes as a concept of "roundness" representing fullness, wealth and prosperity. 

Ukraine issued among the most unusual Year of the Rooster stamps for 2017. the stamps feature a traditional Ukrainian folktale rooster tramping through the snow wearing a traditional Ukrainian jacket.

Ukraine's 2017 Year of the Rooster stamps

Because the rooster is associated with the announcing of the Kingdom of Silla, from which modern Korea evolved, the Year of the Rooster has particular significance for South Korea this year. In Korean myth of Kim Alji, the rooster announced the birth of the Gyeongju Kim clan.
Korea Post's Year of the Rooster stamp

As is annually the case, among the most elaborate stamp issues for the Lunar New Year comes from Liechtenstein. The 2017 Year of the Rooster offering features a red rooster design with gold embossing created from an intricate silhouette cut using a laser. Additionally, the stamp comes on a sheet of four in which the sheet itself is shaped liked a rooster.
 Liechtenstein's Year of the Rooster stamp

Among other special issue postage stamps are those from Antigua & Barbuda, Australia, Christmas Island, Croatia, France, Guernsey Islands, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Montserrat, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan,Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Year of the Rooster Special Issue Products
Because the Lunar New Year is a time of gift-giving, many companies have introduced Year of the Rooster items for that purpose.

Panerai Luminor Sealand
Year of the Rooster watch
The Italian watchmaker Panerai Luminor Sealand has released a Year of the Rooster watch that features a flip-cover lid with an elaborate gold-inlay rooster decoration. 

Swatch's Rockin' Rooster watch
The Swiss luxury watchmaker Vacheron Constantin released a Year of the Goat watch in its Métiers d’Art Collection. The watches come in either platinum or rose gold.Other luxury watchmakers with Year of the Horse designs include Chopard,  Jacquet-Droz, Ulysse Nardin, Rebecca Doulton, and Piaget. 

Another watchmaker with a Year of the Rooster offering (though one of a somewhat less expensive price) is Swatch. The Swiss company has a special issue Lunar New Year Watch they call "The Rockin' Rooster."

Tiffany's Paloma
Year of the Rooster charm

The US jeweler Tiffany and Co. has offered up both a 18-karat gold and a silver rooster charm by Paloma Picasso. The Danish jewelry maker Pandora likewise issued a silver charm for the Chinese New Year,

Harrods Year of the Rooster

The UK high-end store Harrods has a signature collection of Year of the Rooster items, including a cosmetic case, red pen, coin purse and shopper's bag. All feature gold roosters on red backgrounds.

Many high-end designers have come under fire in recent years for approaching the Lunar New Year with too heavy a hand over the last several years. As the retailers' analyst e-zine "Retail in Asia" has noted,  
with Chinese luxury buyers becoming increasingly sophisticated as more members of the younger and well-educated generation enter the market, the tastes and needs of many consumers have changed. As a result, we’ve seen rising criticisms and discontent with the New-Year designs in the past two years from Chinese media and online commentators. http://retailinasia.com/in-sectors/year-of-the-rooster-luxury-items-hit-or-miss-with-chinese-consumers/ 

Salvatore Ferragamo
Year of the Rooster scarf
Katya Dobryakova
Year of the Rooster sweatshirt
For example, Italy's Salvatore Ferragamo offered a scarf featuring a fairly heavy-handed Chinese-themed rooster among flowers. 

The US-based Russian designer Katya Dobryakova's sweatshirt lacks even a Chinese flavor and features a garish barnyard rooster.

Among the most heavily-criticized offering for 2017's Year of the Rooster came from Italy's Dolce & Gabbana five-sequined bomber jacket.

Dolce & Gabbana's  rooster bomber jacket

MCM's Rooster pack
MCM, the German luxury goods firm, was heavily criticized for what was perceived as an overly gaudy design on its Year of the Rooster luxury backpack. 
Kate Spade Year of the Rooster purse
US-based Kate Spade's Year of the Rooster offering is among those with a less-than-subtle design, although the colors are somewhat more muted which may serve to offset the concerns a bit.

Likewise French designer Longchamps was criticized for misreading the sophistication level of the average Lunar New Year luxury goods buyer. The Longchamps purse features a very prominent golden (but barnyard) rooster on a red bag.
Longchamps' Year of the Rooster purse
Victoria Secrets in particular came under criticism for its garish and heavy-handed designs. As one critic was quoted in the UK's Independent:
Even the world’s most beautiful bodies are not going to save these rustic and passe Chinese-themed outfits. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/year-of-rooster-china-millenials-chinese-luxury-brand-designers-zodiac-animals-luna-new-year-a7519371.html

French designer Christian Dior faced similar criticism last year in 2016 with a negative review from the Chinese fashion blog Mr. Bags. Dior responded with its Year of the Rooster bracelet this year in a way that received praise on that website and in WeChat reviews.
Dior's successful Year of the Rooster bracelet

The US-based DKNY, also responding to criticism of overly-gaudy Lunar New Year contributions has offered a subtle rooster tag on its Lunar New Year purse.  

DKNY's subtle rooster tag
on its Lunar New Year purse

Other fashion designers with Year of the Rooster offerings of various success include Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Gucci, Sandro, Marc Jacobs, and Calvin Klein.
Smaller items that are regularly given as gifts are also themed with Year of the Rooster motifs. These have been more successful in their appeal.  Along this line, the US pen maker Cross has issued a highly detailed Year of the Rooster red lacquer pen inlaid with a rooster motif engraved in 23 karat gold pen topped with a red Swarovski crystal. The pens begin at US $375.
Cross Year of the Rooster pen
For a much more expensive alternative, Japanese luxury pen maker Namiki likewise offers a Year of the Rooster pen. The pens are crafted using the Japanese traditional maki-e lacquerwork with layered brushwork of gold and silver dust. Maki-e handcrafted objects have been associated with the nobility and military leaders in Japan since the Heian Period (794-1185). Accordingly, the pens begin at a price of US $4300.
Namiki Year of the rooster maki-e pen

Davidoff Year of the Rooster
cigar line

The US cigarmaker Davidoff has introduced a Year of the Rooster cigar limited production cigar line. These are high-end, hand-crafted cigars. This marks the third year that the company has done so. The cigars come in a collector's box. 


In alcoholic drinks, Scotland's Johnnie Walker has introduced a special Blue Label Year of the Rooster limited edition. The bottles come in a set of four which when placed beside one another show a landscape of three roosters across three bottles.  
 Johnnie Walker Year of the Rooster offering

Patrón Añejo Tequila 
Year of the Rooster Special Issue
Mexico's Patrón has similarly introduced a Year of the Rooster special edition of its Añejo Tequila. The tin in which the bottle comes is red decorated in black and gold with a rooster, Chinese lotus flowers and other Chinese symbols along with the company's own bee symbols.

adidas Year of the Rooster shoe
Several sport shoe makers have released Year of the Horse shoes and sportswear outfits. and Reebok, adidas, and Converse have all issued Lunar New Year shoes.  

In another area, the US-based Estee Lauder has released a Year of the Rooster cosmetics case. France's Yves Saint-Laurent has offered a new "Chinese New Year Palette" in a gold and red case (though with no sign of a zodiac animal).

Finally, several more consumable items have been released in special Lunar New Year limited editions. The Belgian-based chocolate-makers Neuhaus and Godiva, for instance, both sell chocolates in Year of the Rooster gift boxes.  

These represent just some of the Year of the Rooster products that have come out in honor of the Lunar New Year. If you have others, please do add them in the comments to this blog.

As with all of my posts on this blog, this is meant only to give the view of one person (me). There are far more expert writers than myself... this is just a taste. 

Gung Hay Fat Choy! (May prosperity be with you!)

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