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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

US and Canadian Art Deco: Notable Architecture

Union Terminal, Cincinnati
It was pointed out to me that my list of favorite Art Deco architectural works listed at the end of my Cincinnati's Union Terminal post was getting lost.

I also noticed that this left little room for comment.

With that in mind, I have expanded that list a bit and posted it separately here. I have two such posts: This one for Art Deco in the United States and Canada, and a second one for Art Deco outside North America. this second post can be found at: Art Deco Outside North America. 

About This List

What follows is a (very incomplete) list of some of the most notable Art Deco buildings. My favorite remains Cincinnati's Union Terminal for personal and stylistic reasons.  I encourage you to read my write-up (with my own photographs) of that Art Deco masterpiece. You can read that post at: Cincinnati's Union Terminal.

Perhaps this post might inspire you to take a look at some of these, especially if they are near where you live.

In any case, I had fun assembling the list, and I hope you enjoy it too.


The United States is without argument the main site for Art Deco. Even though Art Deco was born in France after World War One, it came to its greatest fruition in North America. Art Deco crosses categories and embraces many sub-movements from Aztec Revival to ZigZag Moderne (from A to Z, I couldn't resist the joke).  I have given an overview of what I personally think constitutes the main shared characteristics of the style at: What Is Art Deco? A Little Background.

Long Beach Rescue Mission (1920)
formerly Soft Water Laundry
Long Beach, California

Also, Art Deco is normally dated as beginning in 1925  at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Déccoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, but many architects were creating Art Deco that preceded this date. This list includes (though not many) of these, such as Long Beach's Soft Water Laundry (now the Long Beach Rescue Mission) built in 1920.

Mont Ste.-Marie,
Edmundston, New Brunswick

One of the latest (1952) Art Deco buildings
Similarly, Art Deco is generally seen as ending with World War II. Here, though, no ending date has been generally agreed upon (unlike the decision -- long after the movement had ended) to consider 1925 the movement's beginning).  Art Deco gradually decreased, going through sub-movements such as Streamline Moderne and Starved Classical that toned down what were seen as the excesses of the more prosperous age of the Roaring Twenties. The problem is that no one told the architects of the time that the era had ended. Thus while almost all of the buildings listed here are from the Interwar period, I have also included a sprinkling of later buildings that still fall within the style in my opinion. The latest of these is Edmundston, New Brunswick's Garderie Mont Ste.-Marie (now used an apartment complex) built in 1952.  I know that such a late date technically is probably no longer admissable as "true" Art Deco, but there is no evidence that the Garderie Mont Ste.-Marie was  seen as an intentional throw-back when it was build under the supervision of Monseigneur W. J. Conway.  Moreover, its main entrance really could not be called anything but Art Deco... and so I have included it here.

Certain cities are famously central to the movement. The most famous of these is Miami Beach with the highest concentration of Art Deco masterpieces in the world. There are 375 extant Art Deco buildings in Miami Beach alone. Some of the most notable are listed in the section for Miami Beach, by far the longest list here, and one that only scratches the surface. In the small strip of land there are there are 76 buildings from L. Murray Dixon, 71 from Henry Hohauser and 41 from Albert Anis, arguably the three greatest contributors to the Florida Deco style. While some of these are Mediterranean Revival  (no longer Art Deco) or other styles, most are Art Deco buildings, and many would be the architectural centerpiece for many other US cities.
Miami Beach's Ocean Drive
Greatest concentration of Art Deco in the world

Other major centers of Art Deco are in greater Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. These are major cities that experienced building booms in the 1920's, so the presence of a rich collection of Art Deco architectural masterpieces in these cities might have been expected.

That said, some of the greatest collections of Art Deco masterworks in the United States can be found where many might not expect to find them (except perhaps for those living in those cities and Art Deco buffs). Among these are the impressive number of superb Art Deco architecture is Tulsa, Oklahoma , Detroit, Michigan and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as well as both Dallas and Houston in Texas.

Some of the most notable architecture (again based only on my own personal tastes!) built in the Art Deco style in the United States are listed by city below (moving east to west across the country):


Granite Trust Building
Quincy, Massachusetts
in Bellows Falls, Vermont
J.J. Newberry's Building

in Lynn, Massachusetts
Lynn Memorial City Hall and Auditorium

in Clinton, Massachusetts
Union Station

in Quincy, Massachusetts
Granite Trust Building

in Holyoke, Massachusetts
Holyoke Main Post Office
Victory Theater

in Springfield, Massachusetts
Springfield Safe Deposit and Trust Company

Pawtucket City Hall
Pawtucket, Rhode Island

in New London, Connecticut
Garde Arts Center

in West Hartford, Connecticut
Congregation Beth Israel

in Torrington, Connecticut
Warner Theatre

in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Pawtucket City Hall

in Providence, Rhode Island
Avon Cinema
Bank of America Building ("Superman Building")


in New York City, New York
Empire State Building, New York
-- Manhattan
American International Building (City Services Building)
American Radiator Building
Barclay-Vessey Building (Verizon Building)
Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant
Brill Building
Canal Street Station Post Office
The Century
Chanin Building
Chrysler Building
Daily News Building
Downtown Athletic Club
Empire State Building
Film Center Building
GE Building
Harlem Substation 219
James T. Foley United States Courthouse
Lescaze House
Lincoln Tunnel
Madison Belmont Building
Majestic Apartments
Metropolitan Life Building
Municipal Asphalt Building (now Asphalt Green Sports Center)
Pythian Temple
Radio City Hall / Rockefeller Center
Saint Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Sofia Brothers Warehouse
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
Cranlyn Building, Brooklyn
-- Brooklyn
Brooklyn Central Public Library
Brooklyn Sears & Roebuck
Cranlyn Building
Garfield Temple (Congregation Beth Elohim)
Sears & Roebuck Building
Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower

-- The Bronx
1000 Grand Concourse Building
BelTel Lofts (New York Telephone Company Building)
Bronx County Courthouse
Bronx Park Medical Building (former Bronxdale Swimming Pool)
Fish BuildingGrand Concourse, The Bronx
Burger King Building (E. 161st & Walton)
Dollar Savings Bank Building
Fish Building (1150 Grand Concourse)
Herman Ridder Junior High School
Orchard Beach Bathhouse
Rainey Memorial Gates (Bronx Zoo entrance)

Ambassador Apartments
Blessed Sacrament Church
Forest Hills Post Office
Marine Air Terminal, LaGuardia Airport
Suffolk Title and Guarantee Building
Alfred E. Smith Building, Albany

--Staten Island
Ambassador Hotel
Lane Theater
Paramount Theater

in Albany, New York
Alfred E. Smith Building
Miss Albany Diner

in Schenectady, New York
Kresge Building

in Rochester, New York
Little Theatre
Niagara Mohawk BuildingSyracuse, New York
Reynolds Arcade
Rochester Fire Department Headquarters
Times Square Building (former Genesee Valley Trust Building)

in Syracuse, New York
Niagara Mohawk Building
State Tower Building

in Buffalo, New York
Buffalo City Hall
Buffalo Design Collaborative Building
Electric Tower
Edison Memorial TowerMenlo Park, New Jersey
Hotel Lafayette
Pierce-Arrow Motorcar Company Building
Rand Building
Vars Building

in Newark, New Jersey
First National State Bank

in Menlo Park, New Jersey
Edison Memorial Tower and Museum

in Wilmington, Delaware
F. W. Woolworth Building
700 Market Building (Max Kell Building)

in Baltimore, Maryland
Folger Shakespeare Library
Washington, DC
Bank of America Building
Samester Parkway Apartments
Senator Theatre

in Washington, DC
Atlas Performing Arts Center (Atlas Movie Theater)
Brownley Confectionery Building
Folger Shakespeare Library
Park Tower


in Culpepper, Virginia
Pitts Theatre (State Theatre)

in Richmond, Virginia
Egyptian Building

in Hopewell, Virginia
Beacon Theatre

in Hudgins, Virginia
Asheville City Hall
Asheville, North Carolina
Donk's Theatre

in Chincoteague, Virginia
Island Roxy

in Portsmouth, Virginia
Commodore Theatre

in Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville City Hall
Asheville Post Office and Courthouse Building
Asheville High School
SD&W Cafeteria (56 Patton Avenue Cafeteria)

in Shelby, North Carolina
Masonic Temple

in Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta Constitution Building
Plaza Theatre
Southern Bell Telephone Building
W.W. Orr Building


in Jacksonville, Florida
Morocco Temple (Shriner Temple)

in Miami Beach, Florida
Berkeley Shores Hotel, Miami Beach
11th Street Diner
Albion Hotel
Aloha Apartments
Avalon Hotel
Barbizon Hotel
Beachcomber Hotel
Beach Patrol Headquarters
Beach Plaza Hotel
Berkeley Shore Hotel
Beth Jacob Synagogue (Jewish Museum of Florida)
Delano Hotel, Miami Beach
Bohemia House (825 Michigan Avenue)
Breakwater Hotel
Crescent Hotel, Miami Beach
Cadillac Hotel
Cameo Theatre
Cardozo Hotel
Carlton Hotel
Carlyle Hotel
Clevelander Hotel
Clinton Hotel
Clyde Hotel
Colony Hotel
Colony Theatre
Commodore Hotel
Congress Hotel
Crescent Hotel
Hotel Victor
Delano Hotel
Greystone Hotel, Miami Beach
Dorchester Hotel
Edison Hotel
Essex House Hotel
Fairmont Hotel
Greystone Hotel
Harriet Hotel
Herbshire Apartments
Hoffman Cafeteria
Hotel Clifton
Hotel Shepley
Hotel Victor
Laurel Apartments
Leslie Hotel
Libazi Bungalow (845 Michigan Avenue)
Mantell Plaza
Majestic Hotel
Mantell Plaza
Marlin Hotel
McAlpin Hotel
Mercantile National Bank Building and Beach Theatre
Miami Beach US Post Office
National Hotel
Ocean Spray Hotel
Palmer House Hotel
Winter Haven Hotel
Miami Beach
Park Central Hotel
Penguin Hotel
President Hotel
Raleigh Hotel
Rene Apartments
Sea Gull Hotel, Miami Beach
Revere Apartments
Ritz Plaza Hotel
Sea Gull Hotel
Shirley Apartments
Shore Club Hotel
Stardust Apartments
Temple Emanu-El
Temple House Residence
Tides Hotel
Tudor Hotel
Waldorf Towers Hotel
Winter Haven Hotel
Wolfsonian Museum (former Washington Storage Company Building)

in Miami, Florida
City Hall (former Pan Am Seaplane Base and Terminal Building)
Freedom Tower (former Miami News Building)
Olympisa Theatre
Scottish Rite Masonic Temple

in West Palm Beach
American National Bank Building (former Morrison's Cafeteria

in Maitland, Florida
Maitland Art Center

in Panama City, Florida
Martin Theater

in Pensacola, Florida
Temple Beth El


in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lewis Tower
Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot (now the Defense Logistics Agency)
Sedgwick Theater
Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh

in Scranton, Pennysylvania
William J. Nealon Federal Building and US Courthouse

in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Cathedral of Learning
EQT Plaza
Fulton Elementary School
Grant Building
Gulf Tower
Madison Elementary School Building
Medical Arts Building
New Granada Theater
Omni William Penn Hotel
Salk Hall (U Pitt campus)


Guardian Figure
Hope Memorial Bridge, Cleveland
in Cleveland, Ohio
AT&T Huron Road Building (former Ohio Bell Building)
Fenn Tower
Hope Memorial Bridge
Severance Hall
Tower City Center

in Bryan, Ohio
Bryan Theater

in Cincinnati, Ohio
Carew Tower
Cincinnati Bell Telephone Building
Dixie Terminal
Netherland Plaza Hotel
Taft Theater
Union Terminal

Guardian Building, Detroit
in Alpena, Michigan
Alpena County Courthouse

in Detroit, Michigan
Ambassador Bridge (to Windsor, Ontario)
Belle Isle William Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse
Buhl Building
David Stott Building
Detroit Federal Building
Fisher Building
Guardian Building
Metropolitan Center for High Technology (S. S. Kresge Building)
Penobscot Building
Shrine of the Little Flower (actually in Royal Oak)

in Lapeer, Michigan
Pix Theater

in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Burton Tower (on University of Michigan campus)

in Ypsilanti, Michigan
McKenny Union (Eastern Michigan University campus)
Ottawa Street Power Station
Lansing, Michigan

in Lansing, Michigan
Boji Tower
Comerica Building (former City National Building)
J. W. Knapp Company Building
Ottawa Street Power Station

in Muskegon, Michigan
Frauenthal Theater

in Escanaba, Michigan
Delft Theater

in Anderson, Indiana
Anderson Bank Building
Tower Hotel

in Auburn, Indiana
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum
Adler Planetarium, Chicago

in Huntington, Indiana
Huntington Theater

in Rockport, Indiana
Ritz Theater

in greater Chicago, Illinois
Adler Planetarium
Bloom High School (Chicago Heights)
Buckingham Building
Carbide & Carbon Building
Chicago Board of Trade Building
Chicago Motor Club Building
Civic Opera House
Illinois National Guard Armory (Rockford)
Mather Tower
Mundelein College Building
Oriental Theatre (Ford Center)
Palmolive Building
Pickwick Theatre (in Park Ridge)
Pittsfield Building
Portage Theater

in DeKalb, Illinois
Haish Memorial Library (DeKalb Public Library)

in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Meyer Theatre

in Madison, Wisconsin
State Office Building

in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Gas Building
Wisconsin Tower

in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Armory Building
Farmer & Mechanics Savings Bank Building
Now Minneapolis Westin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Band Box Diner
Farmers & Mechanics Savings Bank Building (now a Westin)
First Avenue Nightclub (formerly Greyhound Station)
Foshay Tower
Rand Tower
Sears, Roebuck Building

in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul City Hall/Ramsey County Courthouse


in Nashville, Tennessee
Davidson County Courthouse

in Birmingham, Alabama
Jefferson County Courthouse

Denny Chimes
in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Denny Chimes (on University of Alabama campus)

in Mobile, Alabama
Bankhead Tunnel
Louisiana State Capitol
Baton Rouge
Regions Bank Building
US Court House and Custom House

in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Louisiana State Capitol Building

in New Orleans, Louisiana
National American Bank Building

in Hammond, Louisiana
Columbia Theater

in Shreveport, Louisiana
Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium

in El Dorado, Arkansas
El Dorado Masonic Temple

in Fort Smith, Arkansas
Fort Smith Masonic Temple


Boston Avenue Methodist Church, Tulsa
in Tulsa, Oklahoma
11th Street Arkansas River Bridge
Adah Robinson Residence
Boston Avenue Methodist Church
Boulder on the Park
Christ the King Church
Daniel Webster High School
Tulsa Union Depot
Fairgrounds Pavilion
Mayo Motor Inn
McGay Building
Oklahoma Natural Gas Building
Tulsa Club Building
Tulsa Monument Company Building
Tulsa Union Depot
Union Station
Warehouse Market Building
Will Rogers High School

in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
First National Center
Oklahoma County Courthouse

Garfield County Courthouse
Enid, Oklahoma
in Miami, Oklahoma
Coleman Theater

in Shawnee, Oklahoma
Hornbeck/Penthouse Theater
Ritz Theater

in Enid, Oklahoma
Broadway Tower
Garfield County Courthouse

in Beaumont, Texas
First National Bank
Jefferson County Courthouse
Kyle Building

Galveston Post Office and Courthouse
Galveston, Texa
in Galveston, Texas
Galveston Post Office and Courthouse

in Marshall, Texas
Hotel Marshal Grand

in Tyler, Texas
Tyler Theater

in Georgetown, Texas
Palace Theater

in Bryan, Texas
First State Bank & Trust Company Building

in Post, Texas
Granada Theater
Tower Theater

in Kilgore, Texas
Kilgore Theater

in Dallas, Texas
Bath House Cultural Center
Cotton Bowl Stadium
Dallas Aquarium
Dallas Power and Light Company Building (now an apartment complex)
Dallas Museum of Natural History
Fair Park Bandshell, Dallas
Dallas Science Place and Planetarium
Daughters of the American Revolution Museum
Embarcadero Exhibition Hall
Fair Park Automotive Building
Fair Park Band Shell
Fair Park Centennial Hall
Fair Park Coliseum
Fair Park Food and Fibre Pavilion
Pan American Arena
Texas Hall of State Museum

in Fort Worth, Texas
Fort Worth Public Safety and Courts Building (formerly City Hall)
Lone Star Gas Company Building
Sinclair Building
Will Rogers Memorial Center
Houston City Hall
W. T. Grant Department Store Building

in Houston, Texas
Clarke and Courts Building
Cullen Performance Hall
Hamman Exploration Company
Latino Learning Center (orignianlly Dahlgren's Cabinet Shop)
Gribble Stamp and Stencil Company Building
Gulf Building
Houston City Hall
Houston Municipal Air Terminal
Reserve 101 (bar)
Tower Theater

in Austin
Dewitt C. Greer State Highway Building
Main Building ("The Tower") of the University of Texas
Scarbrough Building

in Webster
Webster High School

in Rockdale
Kay Theater

in San Antonio
Alameda Theater
Alamo Stadium

Bartle Hall Pylons
Kansas City, Missouri

in Saint Louis, Missouri
Continental Life Building
Jewel Box (Saint Louis Floral Conservatory)

in Kansas City, Missouri
Bartle Hall Pylons
Kansas City Power and Light Building
Municipal Auditorium

in Wichita, Kansas
Johnson-Cohlmia Building
Minisa Bridge
North High School

in Lincoln, Nebraska
Nebraska State Capitol Building

in Omaha, Nebraska
Joslyn Art Museum
Union Station

in Bismarck, North Dakota
North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck
North Dakota State Capitol Building

in Fargo, North Dakota
Fargo Theatre

in Grand Forks, South Dakota
B'nai Israel Synagogue and Montefiore Cemetery
Edgar Building
Grand Forks Count Fairgrounds

in Mayville, North Dakota
Delchar Theater


in  Denver, Colorado
Mayan Theater

in Montrose, Colorado
Fox Theater

Ticket booth, Egyptian Theatre,
Park City, Utah
in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Boeing/Unite Airlines Fountain

in Boise, Idaho
Egyptian Theater

in Murray, Utah
Desert Star Theater

in Park City, Utah
Egyptian Theatre
War Memorial Building

in Salt Lake City, Utah
Sugar House Moneument

in Reno, Nevada
Reno Main Post Office
Southside School
Capital Theater, Ely Nevada (apex of Nuevo Deco style)
in Ely, Nevada
Capital Theater
Central Theater

in Las Vegas 
Clark Avenue Railroad Underpass
Las Vegas Academy of International Studies and Performing Arts (formerly the Las Vegas High School Building)

in Bisbee, Arizona

Cochise County Courthouse

in Clark County,  Nevada / Mohave County, Arizona
Hoover Dam

in Phoenix, Arizona
Luhrs Thower
Professional Towe

in Holbrook, Arizona
Roxy Theater

KiMo Theater, Albuquerque
in Albuquerque, New Mexico
KiMo Theater
Skinner Building

in Belen, New Mexico
Onate Theater

in Anaconda, Montana
Washoe Theater

in Billings, Montana
Alberta Bair Theater for the Performing Arts (Fox Theater)
in Glacier Cut, Montana
Glacier Theater

in Glasgow, Montana
Valley Theater

in Helena, Montana
Montana State Arsenal, Armory and Drill Hall

Egyptian Court Apartments
San Diego, California

in San Diego
Egyptian Court Apartments
Egyptian Garage (now Cerberus Motorcycles)
Egyptian Theatre (now condominiums)
Nile Apartments
Park Egyptian Apartments

in Greater Los Angeles
Aztec Hotel (in Monrovia)
Burbank City Hall (in Burbank)
Crossroads of the World Center
Culver Hotel (Culver City)
Egyptian Theatre
El Capitan Theatre (Hollywood)
El Rey Theater
Ennis House
First Baptist Church (Ventura)
Fox Bruin Theater
Garfield Building
Glenarm Power Plant (in Pasadena)
Griffith Observatory
Hollywood & Western Building (in Hollywood)
Mayan Theater, Los Angeles
Hollywood Main US Post Office (in Hollywood)
James Oviatt Building
Los Angeles Central Library
Los Angeles City Hall
Los Angeles County - USC Medical Center
Los Angeles Times Building
Lou Henry Hoover School (Whittier)
Mayan Theater
Osiris Apartments
Pan-Pacific Auditorium
Pantages Theater (actually in Hollywood)
Paramount Theater
Park Plaza Hotel
Pellisier Building and Wiltern Theater
Roxy Theater (in Hollywood)
Saban Theater (in Beverly Hills)
St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church (Whittier)
Sunset Tower
Valley Municipal Building (Van Nuys)

in Long Beach, California
Lindbergh Middle School
Long Beach Airport Main Terminal Building
Long Beach Skating Palace (now the Palace Lofts)
Main Post Office
Marvin Apartments
Merrill Building
Olives Gourmet Grocer (former Owl Drug Building)
Polytechnic High School Auditorium
Soft Water Laundry (Long Beach Rescue Mission)
Rowan Building
Tichenor Orthopedic Clinic for Children
Washington Middle School
Wiese & Wiese Building

in Berkeley, California
Berkeley Community Theater
Berkeley Public Library
Edwards Stadium

Howden Building, Oakland
in Oakland
Fox Oakland Theater
Howden Building
Magnin and Company Building
Oakland Floral Depot
Posey and Webstger Street Tubes
Paramount Theate
Coit Tower,  San Francisco

in San Francisco
450 Sutter Street Building
City Club of San Francisco
Coit Tower
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge
PacBell Building (140 New Montgomery Building)
Shell Building

in Sacramento
American Trust Building
Forum Building
Ransohoff Building

in Fresno
Fresno County Hall of Records
Fresno Memorial Auditorium
Fresno Post Office (now Fresno Unified School District Offices)
Ivory Tower

in Sebastapol
Analy High School

in Susanville
Sierra Theater

in Roseville
Roseville Theatre
Tower Theatre


in Spokane
Fox Theater

Lobby, Seattle Tower
Seattle, Washington
in Seattle
Edmond Meany Hotel
Exchange Building
Fifth Avenue Theater (Skinner Building)
Harborview Medical Center
Seattle Tower

in Bend, Oregon
Tower Theater

Commodore Hotel, Portland
in Salem, Oregon
Oregon State Capitol Building

in Portland, Oregon
Avalon Theater
Charles F. Berg Building
Commodore Hotel

in Tillamook, Oregon
Coliseum Theater

Alaska State Capitol, Juneau
in Juneau, Alaska
Alaska State Capitol Building
Gross Theatre (20th Century Theatre)

Hawaii Theater, Honolulu
in Honolulu
Hickham Field
Honolulu Fire Department Central Station
Hawaii Theater
Sgt. Smith Theater, Schofield Barracks (actually in Waihawa)


For Canada, I broke with my wandering westward pattern within the provinces, although I list the provinces themselves from East to West.

Canada is second only to the United States in the richness and breadth of its Art Deco building heritage.  Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are all major centers of Art Deco buildings. Other spots hold pleasant gems, such as Winnipeg's splendid Women's Tribute Memorial Lodge or the gardens Parkwood Estate, home of GM Canada founder Samuel McLaughlin at Oshawa.

Where a province has only a few entries, I have not broken this down by city, but have done so in cases where this might help.

The Art Deco buildings of note for Canada are:

in Newfoundland
Apothecary Hall, St. John's

Dominion Building
in Nova Scotia
Bank of Nova Scotia Building, Halifax
Dominion Building, Halifax
Nova Scotian Hotel (Westin), Halifax

in New Brunswick

Dalhousie Town Hall, Dalhousie
Garderie Mont Ste.-Marie, Edmundston
Simon-Larouche Pavilion, Edmundston

in Quebec

Ancienne Caserne de Pompiers (Old Fire Station), Chambly
Atwater Market Clocktower, Montreal
Atwater Market Clocktower, Montreal
Cinéma Capitol, Drummondville
Cinéma Le Château, Montreal
Clarendon Hotel, Quebec City
Crescent Building, Montreal
École Notre Dame-de-la-Défense, Montreal
Édifice Aldred, Montreal
Édifice Price, Quebec City (residence of the Premier of Quebec)
Maison Ernest-Cormier, Montreal
Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal
Outremont Theatre
Restaurant de L'Île-de-France, Montreal
Ste. Marguerite Church, Magog (Quebec)
Snowden Theatre, Montreal

in Ontario

in Hamilton
Hamilton Post Office, Hamilton
Hamilton G.O. Centre, Hamilton
Piggott Building, Hamilton
Westdale Secondary School, Hamilton
Parkwood Estate Gardens, Oshawa
While the estate itself is more Beaux Arts in style,
the gardens and exterior decor are classic Art Deco

in Kitchener
Registry Theatre, Kitchener

in London
Loew's London Theatre, London

in Oshawa
Parkwood Estate, Oshawa

Supreme Court of Canada, Ottawa

in Ottawa
Bank of Montreal, Ottawa
French Embassy Building, Ottawa
Supreme Court of Canada, Ottawa

in Thunder Bay
Royal Edwards Arms Hotel

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
in Toronto
Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Toronto
College Park Department Store, Toronto
Eglinton Theatre, Toronto
Glen Grove Apartment Building, Toronto
Horse Palace Exhibition Place, Toronto
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
Prudential House, Toronto
R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, Toronto
Royal York Hotel, Toronto
St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto
Toronto Stock Exchange, Toronto
Vogue Theatre, Toronto
Women's College Hospital, Toronto

in Windsor
Canada Building. Windsor
Medical Arts Building, Windsor
Paul Martin, Senior Building, Windsor
St. Peter's Maronite Church, Windsor
Women's Tribute Memorial Lodge, Winnipeg

in Manitoba

Great West Saddlery Warenhouse
Greater Winnipeg Gas Company Building, Winnipeg
Raleigh Apartments, Winnipeg
Women's Tribute Memorial Lodge, Winnipeg

in Saskatchewan

in Saskatoon
Adilman Building, Saskatoon
Modern Press Building, Saskatoon
Adilman Building, Saskatoon

in Regina
Albert Memorial Bridge, Regina
Casino Regina
Federal Building, Regina
Union Station, Regina

in Yorkton
Yorkton Armoury, Yorkton

in Alberta

Bailey Theatre, Camrose
Federal Building, Edmonton
Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, Calgary
Vancouver City Hall

in British Columbia

in Penticton
Penticton Provincial Courthouse, Penticton

in Vancouver
Burrard Bridge
Marine Maritime Building, Vancouver
Nagle Brothers' Garage, Vancouver
St. James Anglican Church, Vancouver
Stanley Theatre, Vancouver
Victoria Visitor Centre Tower
Victoria, British Columbia
Vancouver City Hall, Vancouver

in Victoria
Bay Street Substation, Victoria
BC Power Commission Building, Victoria
Tweedsmuir Mansions, Victoria
Victoria Visitor Centre Tower (Imperial Oil Tower), Victoria

in Nanaimo
Eagles Hall, Nanaimo
Nash Hardware Store, Nanaimo

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Berkeley Shores Hotel, Miami Beach: http://www.hotels.com/ho441371/berkley-shore-hotel-miami-beach-united-states/

Crescent Hotel, Miami Beach: http://www.ruskinarc.com/mdpl/Ocean-CollinsDistrict/4666-1420%20Ocean%20Dr/view

Delano Hotel, Miami Beach: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delano_Hotel

Greystone Hotel, Miami Beach: http://www.ruskinarc.com/mdpl/ArtDecoDistrict/4842-1920%20Collins%20Ave/view

Hotel Victor: http://www.ruskinarc.com/mdpl/search/4652-1144%20Ocean%20Dr/view

Mantell Plaza, photo by Kedar63: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Anis#mediaviewer/File:Themantellplaza1.jpg

Sea Gull Hotel, Miami Beach: http://www.ruskinarc.com/mdpl/search/8197-100%2021st%20Ave/view

Winter Haven Hotel, Miami Beach: http://www.ruskinarc.com/mdpl/ArtDecoDistrict/4662-1400%20Ocean%20Dr/view

Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathedral_of_Learning#mediaviewer/File:Cathedral_of_Learning_stitch_1.jpg

Guardian Figure, Hope Memorial Bridge, Cleveland: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_Memorial_Bridge

Guardian Building, Detroit, Photo by Vincent Arel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guardian_Building#mediaviewer/File:Guardian_Building_Detroit_Interior_Clock.jpg

Ottawa Street Power Station, Lansing Michigan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottawa_Street_Power_Station#mediaviewer/File:7135_oss.jpg

Adler Planetarium, Chicago: Photo by Fritz Geller-Grimm http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/52/Adler_fg02.jpg/250px-Adler_fg02.jpg

Farmers & Mechanics State Bank Building, Minneapolis: http://www.esgarch.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Westin_2-1024x481.jpg

Denny Chimes, Tuscaloosa: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denny_Chimes#mediaviewer/File:Denny_Chimes_by_Highsmith.jpg

Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_State_Capitol#mediaviewer/File:Louisiana_State_Capitol_Building.jpg

Boston Avenue Methodist Church, Tulsa: http://www.tulsapreservationcommission.org/artdeco/buildings/index.pl?id=7

Tulsa Union Depot: http://www.tulsapreservationcommission.org/artdeco/buildings/index.pl?id=5

Garfield County Courthouse, Enid Oklahoma: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garfield_County_Courthouse_(Enid,_Oklahoma)#mediaviewer/File:Garfield_County_Courthouse_front.jpg

Galveston Post Office and Courthouse: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galveston_United_States_Post_Office_and_Courthouse

Fair Park Bandshell, Dallas: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-JimMG7KMzoQ/Tcqr54jLX9I/AAAAAAAAABM/d6FjkqDyYak/s1600/IMG0001.jpg

Houston City Hall: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/08/Houston_City_Hall_August_2010.jpg

Bartle Hall Pylons, Kansas City, Missouri: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartle_Hall_Pylons#mediaviewer/File:Bartle_Hall_Pylons_from_12th_Street.jpg

Johnson-Cohlmia Building, Wichita: , photo by RoadsideArchitecture.com: www.RoadsideArchitecture.com

North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Dakota_State_Capitol#mediaviewer/File:2009-0521-ND-StateCapitol.jpg

Ticket Booth, Egyptian Theatre, Park City, Utah: My own photograph

Washoe Theater, Ananconda, Montana: http://www.historicamerica.net/montanawashoetheater.html

KiMo Theater, Albuquerque: http://www.world-guides.com/north-america/usa/new-mexico/albuquerque/albuquerque_landmarks.html

Egyptian Court Apartments, San Diego: http://www.hillquest.com/hillquest/recreation/easternhillcrestwalk.htm

Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, Library of Congress online photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mayan_Theater_Los_Angeles_California.jpg

Long Beach Skating Palace, photo by RoadsideArchitecture.com: www.RoadsideArchitecture.com

Coit Tower, San Francisco: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Coittower1.jpg

Ivory Tower, Fresno, photo bywww.RoadsideArchitecture.com

Lobby, Seattle Tower, photo by Joe Mabel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seattle_Tower#mediaviewer/File:Seattle_Northern_Life_06A.jpg

Commodore Hotel, Portland. Oregon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Commodore_Hotel_2_-_Portland_Oregon.jpg

Alaska State Capitol, Juneau: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_State_Capitol

Hawaii Theater, Honolulu: Photo by Joel Bradshaw: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hawaii-Theatre-daytime.JPG

Dominion Building, Halifax, photo by SimonP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_Public_Building_(Halifax)#mediaviewer/File:Dominion_Public_Building,_Halifax.JPG

Atwater Market Clocktower, Photo by Pierre Camateros: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Montreal_Atwater_Market_Tower.jpg

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto: http://www.downgoesbrown.com/2009/02/10-things-i-miss-about-maple-leaf.html

Parkwood Estate Gardens: http://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-reg/image-image.aspx?id=4300#i2

Supreme Court of Canada, Ottawa, photo by Peregrine981: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Cormier#mediaviewer/File:Supreme_Court_of_Canada.jpg

Women's Tribute Memorial Lodge, Winnipeg, Photo by Gordon Goldsborough: http://www.mhs.mb.ca/docs/sites/womenstribute.shtml

Adilman Building, Saskatoon, photo by DRM 310: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adilman_Building#mediaviewer/File:Adilman_Building.jpg

Vancouver City Hall, photo by Jason Vanderhill: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vancouver_City_Hall.jpg

Victoria Visitor Centre Tower: http://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-reg/image-image.aspx?id=14868#i1

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  1. This is a fantastic record of Art Deco Buildings, especially love the Miami buildings.

    For Detroit, a few omissions, the Maccabees Building and New Center/Albert Kahn Building,

    In Highland Park, the Michigan Bell Building and Highland Towers Apartment Building (heavily fire damaged)