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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cincinnati's Union Terminal

Union Terminal seen
from top of Carew Tower
Union Terminal: Some Background

While I usually devote this blog to religious observance customs and to business topics, I wanted to expand here to include an appreciation piece for the Art Deco masterpiece of Cincinnati's Union Termninal. Union Terminal  is now the Cincinnati Museum Center but formerly was the city's main train station.

As you may be able to tell from all of this description, it is one of my favorite pieces of architecture in the world... but we almost lost it altogether, something I remember well as I still lived in Cincinnati at the time.  In 1971, train services to Union Terminal stopped, and architecture and Art Deco lovers tried to find ways to save the building, including its famed 22 mosaic murals by Winold Reiss, many of which were moved to Cincinnati International Airport when the main concourse was demolished.

After attempts to turn it into a shopping mall and other uses, the museum complex opened there in 1990 following a public levy in 1986 to convert it for that purpose. Ironically, after saving it, the terminal was reopened to train traffic in 1991.

The Art Deco Movement

Chrysler Building
New York

Art Deco was a short-lived movement in architecture and the arts that could be said to have been born following World War I. It received its name at the Paris World's Fair of 1925. The movement more or less ended with the New York World's Fair of 1939.
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Despite its brevity as a movement, Art Deco produced what I consider to be some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Art Deco architecture embodied the sensibilities of the Roaring Twenties. Financed by the wealth of that era, Art Deco architects were able to erect an enormous amount of world-famous architecture in a remarkably short amount of time (many of which were completed only after the Stock Market crash of 1929).

Cotton Bowl, Dallas
Palace of Nations, Geneva
BBC Broadcasting House

Among the most important of these buildings were, of course, Cincinnati's Union Terminal, but also Arizona's Hoover Dam, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, New York's Chrysler Building and Radio City Music Hall/Rockefeller Center complex, Dallas' Cotton Bowl Stadium, Geneva's Palace of Nations, Sydney's Anzac War Memorial and London's BBC Broadcasting House.  At the end of this blog, I have included a list of some of the most notable among the world's Art Deco Heritage.

For a more complete list of some of the most notable Art Deco architectural landmarks from around the world, please see the list at the end of this post.

Anzac Memorial, Sydney
Union Terminal Exterior

Union Terminal is the largest hemidome building in the Western Hemisphere and second largest in the world (after Sydney's Opera House). That alone makes it architecturally noteworthy. It stand 180 feet (54.8 meters) wide and 106 feet (32.3 meters) high.
Maxfield Keck's bas relief

While the graceful shape of the hemidome is the main feature of note for the building's exterior (and interior for that matter),  Maxfield Keck's two bas reliefs symbolizing transportation and commerce add an Art Deco flair at either side of the building entrance. Keck was a New York-based sculptor well-regarded for his monumental art adorning buildings. In addition to the bas-reliefs at Union Terminal, Keck's sculptor or architectural adornments include the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, the Public Safety and Court Building in Milwaukee the Atkinson Museum of Fine Arts in Kansas City. Keck also produced all of the sculptures for the State of Washington Capitol #4 Building in Olympia.

Foundation stone
and time capsule plaque
Union Terminal Clock
Also noteworthy near the Union Terminal entrance is the Art Deco-styled "1931" carving on the foundation stone. Beside this, there is also a plaque marking the spot where a time capsule had been placed placed at the foundation stone first on November 20, 1931 to which was added a second time capsule on December 2, 1958. Both capsules were opened on March 30, 2008 to mark the 75th anniversary of the building. Finally, the Clock set at the center of the hemidome adds an iconic element to the facade while serving a major function for what was, after all, primarily a train station.

Finally, as a pop culture trivia tidbit, the Hanna Barbera animator Al Gmuer used Union Terminal as the basis for the superhero headquarters of the Justice League of America: The Hall of Justice. The Union Terminal-inspired comic book icon first appeared in 1973 in the animated cartoon series Super Friends (later called the Super Powers Team) but made it to the print comic book Justice League of America series only in 2007.

Union Terminal inspired the comic book
Justice League of America's Hall of Justice

 Union Terminal Interior

Ceiling of the Union Terminal hemidome
The interior of Union Terminal is impressive.  Its arching vault and bright paints of various hues of oranges, yellows and gold makes a striking impression.

The size of the building itself is also grandiose, as befits what was heralded at its opening as a "Temple to Transportation."

The description on the Museum Center's official website describes the original effect:

It was nearly a city within a city.  The main concourse offered shops for everything: a bookstore, toy store, men’s store, women’s clothing store, food service, newsstands, and even an air-conditioned movie theater.  Large lounges with large connecting restrooms were available for men and women, along with a boot black and barber shop.  There were even bathtubs available in the restrooms for passengers on long trips.  Practically everything but a bed to sleep on was available and all was decorated in the stunning art deco style. http://www.cincymuseum.org/unionterminal/trainstation
Main entrance
The entrance to the building is equally impressive to the exterior entrance facade.  From the apex of the arch over the main doors hangs a gigantic US flag. Even with the flag blocking much of the central portion of the building's face, the glass windows of the hemidome facade allow light to pour in throughout the main atrium.

The building today has been transformed into a setting for three museums: the Museum of Natural History & Science, the Cincinnati History Museum, and the Children's Museum. Also located there is Cincinnati's IMAX Theater and a museum space for special exhibitions.All of these retain the original character of the train terminal. For example, the signage for what the original usage remains over the entrance doors and so forth.

Entrance to the Cincinnati History Museum

The Union Terminal Murals

The most remarkable feature of the building, however, are the justly famous mosaic murals of Winold Reiss.  
Winold Reiss's mosaic signature

Reiss's murals are arguably the greatest mosaic artwork of the Art Deco era. They depict the history of Cincinnati through its residents with background scenes depicting different transportation modes and various landmark sites from the city. 

The two main mosaics are huge, stretch the entire half circle of the rotunda and measuring 22 foot (6.7 m) high by 110 foot (33.5 m) long. Additionally, Reiss designed 14 smaller mosaic murals that decorated the terminal concourses.  In all, Reiss's masterpiece covers 11,908 square feet (1106 square meters). Additionally, there are two small murals giving tribute to the men responsible for the creation of Union Terminal.

The 14 smaller murals depicted Cincinnati industry ranging from aircraft manufacturing to meat packing, and from the making of playing cards to the soap factories of Procter and Gamble.  At the time that Union Terminal was threatened with demolition, these 14 murals were removed and reassembled on the walls of Cincinnati's main airport, where they remain today. The two small murals showing the people behind the Union Terminal project remain in the hallway at the back of the building.

The two main murals -- those in Union Terminal's main atrium today -- depict two timelines: one of the history of the United States and the other of the history of Cincinnati. 

The mosaics are in what is known as sillhouette mosaic, with the main figures in mosaic glass tesserae and the backgrounds in colored plaster. The colors Reiss used were intentionally exaggerated in their brightness to maintain their vividness even in the soot, smoke and dirt he anticipated accompanying a busy train station. Today, as a museum center, the mosaics are kept much cleaner than Reiss would have ever anticipated.
Reiss was a remarkable man in his embrace of diversity and the working class in his art and his life.  For the time in which Reiss worked, the depiction in a favorable light of Native Americans and African Americans was fairly unprecedented in any setting, let alone the setting of a large public building.

Reiss's subject matter of working class people and  laborers too is of great importance in the context of the age in which he worked. His celebration of laborers depicted in the murals have really only one parallel -- the Detroit Industry fresco murals painted by Diego Rivera in the Detroit Institute of Arts. Yet Riveras's murals are in paint -- not painstaking mosaic -- and the DIA murals were in an art museum setting while Reiss' masterpiece is in the public setting of what (at the time at least) was a train station.

Reiss's belief in diversity as the strength of the American dream is evident not only in his Union Terminal artwork but in much of the rest of his art as well.  The fact that Reiss was born in Karlsruhe, Germany before emigrating to the United States and that this was the era of the rise of Nazism in his native country makes this all the more notable. 
Reiss was a firm believer in the value of diversity and of racial equality (for Native Americans as well as blacks and any others). This was more than just in his artwork. Reiss taught art to several of the black artists of the Harlem Renaissance. The sympathetic portrayal of a black man by a white artist in the 1930's United States is noteworthy.

It was, however, in his depiction of Native Americans -- and especially subjects from among his friends among the Blackfoot Confederacy -- that brought Reiss international recognition. Reiss knew the Blackfoot people well and lived among them for a long time. He had opened a school in Glacier National Park in Montana where he taught many Blackfoot artists. Reiss's love of Plains Indian culture in general and of the Blackfoot people in particular lasted his entire life. When Reiss died in 1953, he had his ashes scattered over the lands of the Blackfoot Confederacy

The Blackfoot Medicine Man that begins the timeline for US history is the only identifiable portrait in the mosaics. His name was Turtle. Weiss had painted Turtle before this mosaic (see for example, http://www.art-books.com/cgi-bin/artbooks/01-1102 ). This is of interest not only for historical value, but because all of the portraits in the murals are based on real people. Reiss worked only from photographs for the people he depicted.

The background imagery of the murals is almost as important as the main mosaic portraits. In the history panels, imagery ranges from New York's Fort Washington built in 1776 in the American Revolution to the (then) modern city behind the construction workers high on their I-Beams building a new skyscraper to add to the skyline.

Fort Washington
The Modern City spanning behind the construction workers building a new skyscraper

The background imagery also depicts the evolution of transportation from horses through paddleboats and steamboats through trains, steamboats and planes. 

Apart from the two main timeline murals, Reiss created two small dedication murals.

The first of these dedication murals shows the construction of Union Terminal itself in the background with foreground portraits the four men responsible for the planning and early creation of Union Terminal. These are (shown left to right in the photo at right) Cincinnati Mayor (in 1929) Murray Seasongood; Cincinnati City Manager (in 1928) C. O. Sherrill; Union Terminal Company Chief Engineer H. M. Waite; and Union Terminal Company founder George Dent Crabbs.

The second of these dedication murals shows the completed Union Terminal in the background and concerns itself with three people central to the building's completion in 1933. These are (shown left to right in the photo at left) Cincinnati Mayor (in 1933) Russell Wilson, the first Union Terminal Company president H.A. Worcester and Cincinnati City Manager (in 1933) C.A Dykstra.

 So this is my little praise piece for my favorite building from one of my favorite architectural eras Art Deco.

Other Notable Art Deco Architectural Landmarks

What follows is a (very incomplete) list of some of the most notable Art Deco buildings elsewhere. Perhaps the little piece on Union Terminal might inspire you to take a look at some of these, especially if they are near where you live.

In any case, I had fund assembling the list, and I hope you enjoy it too.


Some of the most notable architecture in the Art Deco style in the United States are listed by city below (moving east to west across the country):

Granite Trust Building
Quincy, Massachusetts
in Lynn, Massachusetts
Lynn Memorial City Hall and Auditorium

in Quincy, Massachusetts
Granite Trust Building

in Holyoke, Massachusetts
Holyoke Main Post Office
Victory Theater

in Springfield, Massachusetts
Springfield Safe Deposit and Trust Company

in New London, Connecticut
Garde Arts Center

in West Hartford, Connecticut
Congregation Beth Israel
Empire State Building, New York

in Torrington, Connecticut
Warner Theatre

in New York City, New York
-- Manhattan
Barclay-Vessey Building (Verizon Building)
Canal Street Station Post Office
The Century
Chanin Building
Chrysler Building
Downtown Athletic Club
Empire State Building
GE Building
Harlem Substation 219
James T. Foley United States Courthouse
Lincoln Tunnel
Madison Belmont Building
Metropolitan Life Building
Radio City Hall / Rockefeller Center
Saint Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

-- Brooklyn
Brooklyn Central Public Library
Brooklyn Sears & Roebuck
Cranlyn Building
Garfield Temple (Congregation Beth Elohim)
Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower

-- The Bronx
1000 Grand Concourse Building
Fish Building
Grand Concourse, The Bronx
BelTel Lofts (New York Telephone Company Building)
Bronx County Courthouse
Bronx Park Medical Building (former Bronxdale Swimming Pool)
Burger King Building (E. 161st & Walton)
Dollar Savings Bank Building
Fish Building (1150 Grand Concourse)
Herman Ridder Junior High School
Orchard Beach Bathhouse
Rainey Memorial Gates (Bronx Zoo entrance)

Ambassador Apartments
Blessed Sacrament Church
Forest Hills Post Office
Marine Air Terminal, LaGuardia Airport
Suffolk Title and Guarantee Building

--Staten Island
Lane Theater
Paramount Theater

in Albany, New York
Alfred E. Smith Building
Miss Albany Diner

Niagara-Mohawk Building, Syracuse
in Rochester, New York
Little Theatre
Reynolds Arcade

in Syracuse, New York
Niagara Mohawk Building
State Tower Building

in Buffalo, New York
Buffalo City Hall
Electric Tower
Edison Memorial Tower
Menlo Park, New Jersey
Hotel Lafayette
Pierce-Arrow Motorcar Company Building
Rand Building
Vars Building

in Newark, New Jersey
First National State Bank

in Menlo Park, New Jersey
Edison Memorial Tower and Museum

in Wilmington, Delaware
F. W. Woolworth Building
700 Market Building (Max Kell Building)

in Baltimore, Maryland
Bank of America Building
Folger Shakespeare Library
Washington, DC
Samester Parkway Apartments
Senator Theatre

in Washington, DC
Atlas Performing Arts Center (Atlas Movie Theater)
Brownley Confectionery Building
Folger Shakespeare Library
Park Tower

in Culpepper, Virginia
Pitts Theatre (State Theatre)

in Hopewell, Virginia
Beacon Theatre

in Hudgins, Virginia
Donk's Theatre

in Chincoteague, Virginia
Island Roxy

in Portsmouth, Virginia
Commodore Theatre
Asheville City Hall

in Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville City Hall
Asheville Post Office and Courthouse Building
Asheville High School
SD&W Cafeteria (56 Patton Avenue Cafeteria)

in Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta Constitution Building
Plaza Theatre
Southern Bell Telephone Building
W.W. Orr Building

in Miami Beach, Florida
Albion Hotel
Beach Patrol Headquarters
Beach Plaza Hotel
Delano Hotel, Miami Beach
Beth Jacob Synagogue and Social Hall
Cadillac Hotel
Clevelander Hotel
Clinton Hotel
Delano Hotel
Hotel Clifton
Ocean Spray Hotel
Ritz Plaza Hotel
Stardust Apartments
Temple Emanu-El

in Maitland, Florida
Maitland Art Center

in Pensacola, Florida
Temple Beth El

in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lewis Tower
Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot (now the Defense Logistics Agency)
Sedgwick Theater

in Scranton, Pennysylvania
William J. Nealon Federal Building and US Courthouse

in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Cathedral of Learning
EQT Plaza
Fulton Elementary School
Grant Building
Guardian Figure
Hope Memorial Bridge, Cleveland
Gulf Tower
Madison Elementary School Building
Medical Arts Building
New Granada Theater
Omni William Penn Hotel
Salk Hall (U Pitt campus)

in Cleveland, Ohio
AT&T Huron Road Building (former Ohio Bell Building)
Fenn Tower
Hope Memorial Bridge
Severance Hall
Tower City Center

in Cincinnati, Ohio
Carew Tower
Cincinnati Bell Telephone Building
Netherland Plaza Hotel
Taft Theater
Fisher Building, Detroit
Union Terminal

in Alpena, Michigan
Alpena County Courthouse

in Detroit, Michigan
Ambassador Bridge (to Windsor, Ontario)
Belle Isle William Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse
Buhl Building
David Stott Building
Detroit Federal Building
Fisher Building
Guardian Building
Metropolitan Center for High Technology (S. S. Kresge Building)
Penobscot Building
Shrine of the Little Flower (actually in Royal Oak)

in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Burton Tower (on University of Michigan campus)

in Ypsilanti, Michigan
McKenny Union (Eastern Michigan University campus)

in Lansing, Michigan
Boji Tower

in Anderson, Indiana
Anderson Bank Building
Tower Hotel

in Auburn, Indiana
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum
Adler Planetarium, Chicago

in greater Chicago, Illinois
Adler Planetarium
Bloom High School (Chicago Heights)
Buckingham Building
Carbide & Carbon Building
Chicago Board of Trade Building
Chicago Motor Club Building
Civic Opera House
Illinois National Guard Armory (Rockford)
Mather Tower
Mundelein College Building
Oriental Theatre (Ford Center)
Palmolive Building
Pickwick Theatre (in Park Ridge)
Pittsfield Building
Portage Theater

in DeKalb, Illinois
Haish Memorial Library (DeKalb Public Library)

in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Meyer Theatre

in Madison, Wisconsin
State Office Building

in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Gas Building
Wisconsin Tower

in Nashville, Tennessee
Davidson County Courthouse

in Birmingham, Alabama
Jefferson County Courthouse

Denny Chimes
in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Denny Chimes (on University of Alabama campus)

in Mobile, Alabama
Bankhead Tunnel
Louisiana State Capitol
Baton Rouge
Regions Bank Building
US Court House and Custom House

in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Louisiana State Capitol Building

in New Orleans, Louisiana
National American Bank Building

Boston Avenue Methodist Church, Tulsa
in Shreveport, Louisiana
Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium

in Tulsa, Oklahoma
11th Street Arkansas River Bridge
Adah Robinson Residence
Boston Avenue Methodist Church
Christ the King Church
Daniel Webster High School
Fairgrounds Pavilion
Oklahoma Natural Gas Building
Tulsa Club Building
Tulsa Monument Company Building
Tulsa Union Depot
Union Station
Warehouse Market Building
Will Rogers High School

Garfield County Courthouse
Enid, Oklahoma
in Enid, Oklahoma
Garfield County Courthouse

in Beaumont, Texas
First National Bank
Jefferson County Courthouse
Kyle Building

in Dallas
Cotton Bowl Stadium
Dallas Aquarium
Dallas Power and Light Company Building (now an apartment complex)
Dallas Museum of Natural History
Fair Park Bandshell, Dallas
Dallas Science Place and Planetarium
Daughters of the American Revolution Museum
Embarcadero Exhibition Hall
Fair Park Automotive Building
Fair Park Band Shell
Fair Park Centennial Hall
Fair Park Coliseum
Fair Park Food and Fibre Pavilion
Pan American Arena
Texas Hall of State Museum

in Fort Worth
Fort Worth Public Safety and Courts Building (formerly City Hall)
Lone Star Gas Company Building
Sinclair Building
Will Rogers Memorial Center
Houston City Hall
W. T. Grant Department Store Building

in Houston
Clarke and Courts Building
Cullen Performance Hall
Hamman Exploration Company
Latino Learning Center (orignianlly Dahlgren's Cabinet Shop)
Gribble Stamp and Stencil Company Building
Gulf Building
Houston City Hall
Houston Municipal Air Terminal
Reserve 101 (bar)
Tower Theater

in Austin
Main Building ("The Tower") of the University of Texas
Scarbrough Building

in San Antonio
Alameda Theater
Alamo Stadium

Bartle Hall Pylons
Kansas City, Missouri

in Saint Louis, Missouri
Continental Life Building
Jewel Box (Saint Louis Floral Conservatory)

in Kansas City, Missouri
Bartle Hall Pylons
Kansas City Power and Light Building
Municipal Auditorium

in Omaha, Nebraska
Joslyn Art Museum
Union Station

in Bismarck, North Dakota
North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck
North Dakota State Capitol Building

in Fargo, North Dakota
Fargo Theatre

in Grand Forks, South Dakota
B'nai Israel Synagogue and Montefiore Cemetery
Edgar Building
Grand Forks Count Fairgrounds

in Mayville, North Dakota
Delchar Theater

in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Boeing/Unite Airlines Fountain

Ticket booth, Egyptian Theatre,
Park City, Utah
in Murray, Utah
Desert Star Theater

in Park City, Utah
Egyptian Theatre
War Memorial Building

in Salt Lake City, Utah
Sugar House Moneument

in Reno 
Reno Main Post Office
Southside School

Capital Theater, Ely Nevada (apex of Nuevo Deco style)
in Ely, Nevada
Capital Theater
Central Theater

in Las Vegas 
Clark Avenue Railroad Underpass
Las Vegas Academy of International Studies and Performing Arts (formerly the Las Vegas High School Building)

in Clark County,  Nevada / Mohave County, Arizona
Hoover Dam

in Albuquerque, New Mexico
KiMo Theater
Skinner Building

in Anaconda, Montana
Washoe Theater

in Helena, Montana
Montana State Arsenal, Armory and Drill Hall

in Spokane
Fox Theater

in Seattle
Exchange Building
Harborview Medical Center
Seattle Tower
Commodore Hotel, Portland

in Salem, Oregon
Oregon State Capitol Building

in Portland, Oregon
Avalon Theater
Charles F. Berg Building
Commodore Hotel

in Greater Los Angeles
Aztec Hotel (in Monrovia)
Burbank City Hall (in Burbank)
Crossroads of the World Center
El Capitan Theatre (Hollywood)
El Rey Theater
Ennis House
Fox Bruin Theater
Garfield Building
Glenarm Power Plant (in Pasadena)
Griffith Observatory
Hollywood & Western Building (in Hollywood)
Mayan Theater, Los Angeles
Hollywood Main US Post Office (in Hollywood)
James Oviatt Building
Los Angeles Central Library
Los Angeles City Hall
Los Angeles County - USC Medical Center
Los Angeles Times Building
Mayan Theater
Pan-Pacific Auditorium
Pantages Theater (actually in Hollywood)
Paramount Theater
Park Plaza Hotel
Pellisier Building and Wiltern Theater
Roxy Theater (in Hollywood)
Saban Theater (in Beverly Hills)
Sunset Tower

in Berkeley, California
Berkeley Community Theater
Coit Tower, San Francisco
Berkeley Public Library
Edwards Stadium

in San Francisco
450 Sutter Street Building
City Club of San Francisco
Coit Tower
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge
PacBell Building (140 New Montgomery Building)
Alaska State Capitol, Juneau
Shell Building

in Juneau, Alaska
Alaska State Capitol Building

Hawaii Theater, Honolulu
in Honolulu
Hickham Field
Honolulu Fire Department Central Station
Hawaii Theater
Sgt. Smith Theater, Schofield Barracks (actually in Waihawa)


Some of the most notable Art Deco architecture outside the United States (listed in alphabetic order by nation).

in Argentina
Shell-Mex Building, Buenos Aires
Abasto Shopping Complex, Buenos Aires
La Bombonera Soccer Stadium, Buenos Aires
Methodist Temple, Buenos Aires
Shell-Mex Building, Buenos Aires

in Australia
Anzac War Memorial, Sydney
Beverley Town Hall, Beverley
Forgan Smith Building of the University of Queensland, Brisbane
Gilbert Place Apartments, Adelaide
Hindmarsh Town Hall, Hindmarsh (suburb of Adelaide)
Light Buildings, Adelaide
Majorca Building, Melbourne
Manchester Unity Building Melbourne
Roxy Theatre, Everard Park, Adelaide
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney
Windsor Cinema, Perth
Young's Milk Bar, Melbourne

Sydney Harbour Bridge

in Austria (more a merger of Art Deco and Art Nouveau called Jugendstil)
Karlsplatz Underground Pavilions, Vienna
Majolica house at the Naschmarkt, Vienna
Postparkasse, Vienna
Secession Building, Vienna
Victor Horta Museum, Brussels

in Belgium
Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Brussels
Boerentoren (or Farmer's Tower), Antwerp
Victor Horta Museum, Brussels
Hotel Solvay, Brussels
Hotel Tassel, Brussels
Hotel Van Eetvelde, Brussels
Paleis voor Schone Kunsten (Flemish) or Palais des Beaux-Arts (French), Brussels

 Paysandú Hotel, Rio de Janeiro
in Brazil
Art Deco Institute, Rio de Janeiro
Biarritz Building, Rio de Janeiro
Caxias Building, Rio de Janeiro
Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio de Janeiro
Guahy Apartment Building, Rio de Janeiro
Igreha de Sâo Francisco, Pumpulha (suburb of Belo Horizonte)
Paysandú Hotel, Rio de Jaineiro
Praça Sete de Setembro, Belo Horizonte

in Canada
-- Alberta
Bailey Theatre, Camrose
Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, Calgary

Vancouver City Hall

-- British Columbia
Bay Street Substation, Victoria
BC Power Commission Building, Victoria
Eagles Hall, Nanaimo
Marine Maritime Building, Vancouver
Nagle Brothers' Garage, Vancouver
Nash Hardware Store, Nanaimo
Penticton Provincial Courthouse, Penticton
St. James Anglican Church, Vancouver
Stanley Theatre, Vancouver
Tweedsmuir Mansions, Victoria
Vancouver City Hall, Vancouver
Victoria Visitor Centre Tower (Imperial Oil Tower), Victoria

Women's Tribute Memorial Lodge, Winnipeg
-- Manitoba
Greater Winnipeg Gas Company Building, Winnipeg
Women's Tribute Memorial Lodge, Winnipeg

-- New Brunswick
Dalhousie Town Hall, Dalhousie
Garderie Mont Ste.-Marie, Edmundston
Simon-Larouche Pavilion, Edmundston

-- Nova Scotia
Bank of Nova Scotia Building, Halifax
Dominion Building, Halifax

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
-- Ontario
Bank of Montreal, Ottawa
Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Toronto
College Park Department Store, Toronto
Eglinton Theatre, Toronto
French Embassy Building, Ottawa
Horse Palace Exhibition Place, Toronto
Loew's London Theatre, London
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
Medical Arts Building, Windsor
Prudential House, Toronto
Registry Theatre, Kitchener
Royal York Hotel, Toronto
St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto
St. Peter's Maronite Church, Windsor
Atwater Market Clocktower, Montreal
Supreme Court of Canada, Ottawa
Toronto Stock Exchange, Toronto
Women's College Hospital, Toronto

-- Quebec
Ancienne Caserne de Pompiers (Old Fire Station), Chambly
Atwater Market Clocktower, Montreal
Cinéma Capitol, Drummondville
Cinéma Le Château, Montreal
Crescent Building, Montreal
École Notre Dame-de-la-Défense, Montreal
Édifice Aldred, Montreal
Édifice Price, Quebec City (residence of the Premier of Quebec)
Maison Ernest-Cormier, Montreal
Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal
Restaurant de L'Île-de-France, Montreal
Ste. Marguerite Church, Magog (Quebec)
Snowden Theatre, Montreal

-- Saskatchewan
Adilman Building, Saskatoon
Albert Memorial Bridge, Regina
Federal Building, Regina
Modern Press Building, Saskatoon
Yorkton Armoury, Yorkton

Peace Hotel, Shanghai
in China
Bank of China Building, Shanghai
Cathay Theater, Shanghai
Custom House, Shanghai
Empire Mansions Apartment Complex, Shanghai
Lincang Cinema, Lincang
Park Hotel, Shanghai
Peace Hotel, Shanghai
Savoy Apartments, Shanghai
Shanghai Power and Light Building, Shanghai

in Cuba
Bacardi Building, Havana
Casa de las Americas, Havana
Lopez Serrano Building, Havana
Prado Building, Havana

in Denmark
Grundtvig Kirke, Copenhagen
Richhuset, Copenhagen
Stærekassen, Copenhagen

Arsenal Stadium, London
in England
Arsenal Stadium, London
Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham
Battersea Power Station, London
BBC Broadcasting Building, London
Burgh Island Hotel, Burgh Island, Devon
Daily Express Fleet Street Building, London
Daily Express Manchester Building, Manchester
Du Cane Court, London
Eltham Palace, London
Florin Court, London
Redfern Building, Manchester
Norwich City Hall, Norwich
Odeon Theatre at Leicester Square, London
Plaza Cinema, Stockport
Queens Hotel, Leeds
Redfern Building, Manchester
Royal Institure of British Architects, London
Saint Olaf House, London
Senate House - Bloomsbury, London
Southampton Civic Centre, Southampton
Sunlight House, Manchester

Cohan's Villa, Asmara
Eritrea's capital is a major Art Deco center

in Eritrea

Alfa Romeo Building, Asmara
Avram Villa, Asmara
Cema Impero, Asmara
Cinema Capital
Cinema Decemhare, Decemhare
Cohan's Villa, Asmara
FIAT Tagliero service station, Asmara
Irga Building
Casa del Fascio (former Fascist HQ), Keren
Odeon Bar, Asmara
Selam Hotel, Asmara
Shell Garage, Asmara
Villa Laila, Asmara

 Belvédère du Rayon Vert, Cerbère
in France
Belvédère du Rayon Vert, Cerbère
Casino du Lac, Bagnole-de-l'Orne
Gare de Rouen Rue Verte, Rouen
Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon
Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Saint Jean-Baptiste Church, Bagnole-de-l'Orne

in Germany
 Borsigturm, Berlin
Aussichtsturm Rotehornpark, Magdeburg
Beckerturn, St. Ingbert (Saarland)
Borsigturm, Berlin
Chilehaus, Hamburg
Davidwache Police Station, Hamburg
Geschwister Scholl Schule, Ludwigshafen
Handelshof, Lübeck
Hauptkirche-Sonnborn, Wupertal
Holy Cross Church, Gelsenkirchen
Maarmuseum, Manderscheid
Museum of Art and Cultural History (MKK), Dortmund
 Stormarnhaus, Hamburg
Rheinhallen Exposition Hall, Cologne
Rudolf Mosse Publishing House, Berlin
Senate of Finance Building, Bremen
Sprinkenhof, Hamburg
Stormarnhaus, Hamburg
Titania-Palast Theater, Berlin
Ullsteinhaus, Berlin
Tietz Department Store, Düsseldorf
Tonhalle, Düsseldorf
Villa Obenauer, Saarbrücken
Wilhelm-Marx-Haus (formerly Düsseldorf Stock Exchange; Europe's 1st skyscraper), Düsseldorf
Wilhelmshaven City Hall, Wilhelmshaven
Gutierrez Building
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

in Guatemala
Gutierrez Building, Quetaltenango
La Perla Building, Guatemala City

in Iceland
Akureyrarkirkja, Akureyi
Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik
Soona Majal, Mumbai

in India
Empress Court Building
Eros Cinema
Liberty Cinema
Metro Cinema, Mumbai
New India Assurance Building, Mumbai
Regal Cinema, Mumbai
Soona Majal, Mumbai

in Indonesia
Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung
Denis Bank Building, Bandung
Hotel Preanger, Bandung
Jakarta Kota Railroad Station, Jakarta
Merdeka Building, Bandung
Metropole Complex, Jakarta
Museum Bank Mandiri (former Handel Maatschappij Building, Jakarta
Pesar Gede Harjonagoro, Surakarta
Savoy Homann Hotel, Bandung
Villa Isola, Bandung

in Ireland
Grafton Street Deco Tower (Nobletts Sweet Shop), Dublin
Gas Company Building, Dublin

St. Luke's Hospital, Tokyo
in Japan
Institute of Medical Science Hospital, University of Tokyo, Tokyo
St. Luke's Hospital, Tokyo

in Kenya
Beneve Coffee House, Nairobi
Kenchic Inn, Nairobi
Sirona House, Nairobi

in Lithuania
Central Post Office, Kaunas
Kaunas Officers' House
National M. K. Ciurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas
Pienocentras Headquarters Building, Kaunas
Vytauto Avenue 58 Residence, Kaunas
Vytautus the Great War Museum, Kaunas
Sacred Heart Church
Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

in Luxembourg
13-17 Grand Rue, Luxembourg City
Ex-Rex-Esch on the Brillplatz, Esch-sur-Alzette
Hotel Alfa, Luxembourg City
Hotel de la Poste, Esch-sur-Alzette
Palais du Meuble Bonn Frères, Luxembourg City
Sacred Heart Church, Esch-sur-Alzette

Central Market, Kuala Lumpur
in Malaysia
Central Market, Kuala Lumpur
Coliseum Cinema, Kuala Lumpur
Penang Masonic Temple, George Town
Standard Chartered Building, George Town
UCBC Bank Building, George Town

in Mexico
Coliseo, Puebla
Edificio Basurto, Mexico City
Edificio El Moro (National Lottery Building), Mexico City
Edificio Basurto, Mexico City
Edificio La Nacional, Mexico City
Edificio San Martín, Mexico City
El Pendùlo (bookstore, Avenida Nuevo Leon), Mexico City
Fuente de los Cántaros, Parque México, Mexico City
Lázaro Cárdenes Monument, Parque España, Mexico City
Monument to the Revolution, Mexico City
Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City
Parque México Clock, Mexico City
Plaza Popcatépal Fountain, Mexico City
Museo de Arte Popular, Mexico City

in Morocco
Jardin Majorelle
St. Peter's Cathedral, Rabat

in Mozambique
Cine Teatro, Maputo

Tuchinski Theater, Amsterdam
in the Netherlands
Drie Hoefijzers Building, Breda
Post and Telegraph Building, Maastricht
Tuschinski Theater, Amsterdam

in Norway
Student Society Building, Trondheim

in the Philippines
Balantawak Brewery, Valenzuela City
Bulacon Provincial Capitol, Malolos
Calumpit Municipal Hall, Calumpit
Cebu Provincial Capitol, Cebu City
Clipper Hotel, Makati
Manila Adventist Medical Center, Manila Metropolitan Theater, Manila
Quezon Bridge, Manila
Nielson Tower, Makati
Philippine Coast Guard Headquarters, Manila
Quezon Bridge, Manila
Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City
Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila
Santa Ana Racetrack, Makati
Sariaya Municipal Building, Sariaya
Scottish Rite Temple, Manila

in Portugal
Cais do Sodré, Lisbon
Casa de Serralves, Oporto
Cinema Batalha, Oporto
National Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estatística), Lisbon
Nossa Senhora de Fátima (Our Lady of Fatima Church), Lisbon
Teatro Rivoli, Oporto

Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Lisbon

Luma Tower, Glasgow
in Scotland
Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen
Beresford Hotel, Glasgow
Luma Tower, Glasgow
Ravelston Garden, Edinburgh
St. Andrews House, Edinburgh
Tait Tower, Glasgow

Barbican Building, Johannesburg
in South Africa
Anglo-American Corporation Building, Johannesburg
Ansteys Tower, Johannesburg
Barbican Building, Johannesburg
Benoni City Hall, Benoni
Berea Court, Durban
Chamber of Mines Building, Johannesburg
Chester House, Durban
Colosseum Building, Capetown
Empire Court, Durban
Herschel Court, Capetown
Manhattan Court, Durban
Namaqua House, Capetown
Old Mutual Building, Capetown
Surrey Mansions, Durban
Waalburg Building, Capetown

in Switzerland
Griderhaus, Zurich
Palace of Nations, Geneva

in Thailand
Democracy Monument, Bangkok
Bangkok Central Post Office, Bangkok
Chalerm Krung Cinema, Bangkok
Democracy Monument, Bangkok
National Stadium, Bangkok
Royal Hotel, Bangkok
Rama I Bridge

in Uruguay
Cine Ambassador, Montevideo
Edificio Artigas, Montevideo
Ejido Cinema, Montevideo
Lapido Palace, Montevideo
Mástil Building, Montevideo
Nelly Goitiño Auditorium, Montevideo

Swansea Guildhall

in Wales
Coliseum Cinema, Porthmadog
Guildhall, Swansea
Morannedd Cafe, Cricceth
Odeon Cinema, Newport
Newport Civic Centre, Newport

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