Welcome to the David Victor Vector Blog

Welcome to the David Victor Vector blog. This is blog that covers religious observances around the world international affairs and global business. This blog describes religious holidays for most major religions as well as raising issues dealing with globalization, international business ethics, cross-cultural business communication and political events affecting business in an integrated world economy. I look forward your discussion and commentary on these articles and subjects. Enjoy!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to David Victor's "VECTOR BLOG."

It is my hope to attract to this blog six groups of people:  a) my international business students and business ethics students at EMU, b)  my Saint Marys TransGlobal Executive MBA students, c)  my alumni from both groups, d) my existing business clients, and e)  future business clients if this works as a marketing tool (as I hope it will) and f) a larger following of people interested in the subject matter who do not know me directly yet (with an end goal hopefully of attracting a large enough group of people to shape public opinion in limited circles.
I look forward to an exchange of idea. Please help me build this into a blog that is fun and informative for all of us!

Thank you.

David Victor


  1. Good luck in your blogging adventure, I look forward to lots of insightful dialog!

  2. Good luck with your blogging. I have enjoyed mine.

  3. Thanks, John. You own blog was part of the inspiration for me to set up this blog. David