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Friday, November 7, 2014

GABC Journal Third Issue Published

The third issue of the Global Advances in Business Communication Journal has just been published.  

The GABC Journal  is co-sponsored by Eastern Michigan University, the University of Antwerp and the Technological University of Malaysia.  

This is a free journal available online at

Since our first issue through today's post (November 7, 2014), the journal has had 13,672 downloads (as of November 4, 2014). This is an exceptionally high response to a new journal.  

Five articles have had over 1000 hits. The highest article has had over 3200 hits. This is "Global Advances in Business Communication from Multiple Perspectives: A Panel Discussion from Experts in the Field." 

The new issue contains articles from some of the top scholars in the field coming from China, Mexico, Japan and the United States: 

  1. “Mobile Phone Use in Meeting among Chinese Professionals: Perspectives on Multicommunication and Civility” co-authored by Peter Cardon of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business (and current President of the Association for Business Communication) and Ying Dai of the Shanghai Business School
  2. “The Relationship Between Culture and Legal Systems and the Impact on Intercultural Business Communication”
  3. co-authored by Iris Varner and Katrin Varner, both of Illinois State University College of Business
  4. “The Role of Linguistic Ability and Business Expertise for Turn-taking in intercultural Business Communication,"
  5. by Misa Fujio of Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan
  6. "Managerial Use of Text Messaging in International Organizations" co-authored by José Guadalupe Torres and Roger Conaway both of the ITESM - San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Please do download the article and let me know what you think.

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